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 Kristin Colletti

Author Biography

My name is Kristin Lee Colletti, I was born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut. I was born September 24,1982. I started writing when I was in the sixth grade and my English teachers Mr. Watson and Mrs. Sosnowski noticed that I had talent. I won four poetry contests in that school.

The summer before I entered high school all the notebooks I had of poetry disappeared and I was very angry, sad and bitter. It was then I told myself and everyone I'd never write again.

In 1999 after serious family drama we all moved out of the house that I grew up in, two weeks later my friend and I snuck back in though it no longer belonged to my family and I. We tore the place apart, not making a mess just looking for little things that we didn't want to leave behind. After an hour we picked up a very heavy bureau that no one had ever moved I don't think, and there they were, all my notebooks.

I read through them all that night thinking I'd be happy but I was actually disappointed in what I had written. I didn't believe that work held any heart, nor soul, so that's the day I picked up the pen again. I had a lot bottled up inside,

I had already fallen in love and got my heart broken which nearly destroyed me all in all, I lost my grandmother the closest person that I'd ever had which also took parts from me. There were also many fights, arguments and situations that had occurred that I needed words for.

I finally sat down and wrote so much from my hurt, anger, loneliness and sadness. I swear I wrote till my fingers bled. In only a few months I wrote a little over 200 poems, 11 of which won contests and are published in Famous Poets hard cover books. I entitled the book "Every Aspect of the Nightmare which is my Life".

The book has 6 chapters Bruce (my first and only love), Death, Love in general, Family, Friends, and Other. I have around 75 poems in my new book entitled "The Sad Destruction of Sweet Innocence".

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Author's Comments I am not only a poet I am a writer too. Currently I am writing 7 books, one of which I'm on page 413.

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