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 Jay J. Kaylin

Author Biography

   Ogden Nash, Dr Seuss, and Shel Silverstein paved the way for a second generation of writers like themselves. Jay J. Kaylin is one of these writers. It has been said that he is the best thing to come along since Ogden Nash. This 41-year-old writer was in love with writing ever since he was 11. Jay J. Kaylin’s elementary school teachers had told him that when he grew up, he was going to be a writer. And as it was foreseen by these teachers, he began seriously writing at the age of 24.

   Jay J. Kaylin was born in Chicago and now lives in Addison, one of its suburbs. In his younger days he did some traveling. He went to New York and out west. While out west, he backpacked up through the Rocky Mountains. He hopes to one day do some more traveling out west again and also up through the Appellation Mountains. Jay J. Kaylin writes everyday, and during the time when he is not; he is drawing characters, surfing the Internet, geeking out on his computer, tinkering with his car, practicing strumming his guitar, blowing on his harmonica, and whistling on his Native American flute.

   Jay J. Kaylin has taken many classes in art, writing, style, grammar, and linguistics. He has a degree in the Humanities, and he graduated with high honors. Furthermore, he has been published in several different publications. He also published his own book of children's verse, in which he had done the illustrations, and this book was a huge success.


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