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Bible Club ....Grandma Penny Hoprich

The Bible Club is a good
influence to me and it’s fun
because of what we do. For
instance, always having a good
I really like our members:
Eleven year old Nicole - a
good listener and a jokester.
Eleven year old Phillip –
always into what Grandma
Seven year old Miranda –
the little redhead always having
great ideas.
Five year old Chelsea – the
little blonde always into stuff.
Twelve year old Robert –
likes to be the fun one.
Eight year old Ricky –
always kinda shy.
That’s what I like about the
Bible Club and the members.
good president, Grandma
for me as I made it up. Be sure


© Copyright 2003 Grandma Penny

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This book is the second of a series of "Grandma's Stories".
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