Doina Horodniceanu



I am originally from Romania but I live in Iowa City, Iowa and in Rome, Italy. Quite a commute, isn't it?:)

As formal education I am a mathematician. I have a MS degree in Mathematics from the University of Bucharest, Department of Mathematics.

I am a math teacher/tutor and I teach/tutor math any level.

I am a computer tutor: I go to my client's home and teach him or her how to use their computer. I teach subjects ranging from getting online, reading and writing e-mail, and how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe.

I am a writer and a painter.

I write novels, short stories, and poetry. Mainly I write prose in English and poetry in Romanian language.
I wrote a historical romance:
"The State of Normality"; and a volume of poetry (bilingual): "Sequences - Secvente."

I speak, write, and read Italian, French, English and Romanian.
I offer editorial and translation services.

As a painter I work in oil, tempera,acrylic, pastel, watercolor and charcoal pencil.

I accept commissions to create portraits and
icons. Please browse my portfolio.
Wondering about what's involved in commissioning a portrait or an icon? See my new Commissions page for details and prices.

I love traveling and photography.


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