the web fiction series

by TheCartoonist62


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Episode II:

The Mysterious DVD


Joe is an orange-haired 6th grader with your average college student’s knowledge of computers, motors, and electronics. He has a sister, Cleo, a cat, Fluffy, and a best friend, Sam. He also has two enemies, Johnny, the school bully, and Nerdo, the world’s smartest (and most evil) human. These are the stars of the series. Enjoy!

Sam was walking along an alley to his house when he passed a dumpster. Lying on the ground next to the dumpster was a DVD in a blank jewel case. Sam picked it up and examined it. The jewel case was dirty, but the DVD was clean, shiny, and unscratched. Sam put it in his pocket and walked to Joe’s house.

"Found it next to a dumpster, eh? A likely story," Joe said, jokingly. He opened the door to the projector room of his home theater. "You can see what’s on it in there," Joe gestured toward the door.

Three hours later, Sam still had not left the projector room. Joe opened the door and found Sam lying on the floor, his eyes having a strange, distant look. "Must have been something pretty special on that DVD," Joe said.

During the next two hours, Sam’s eyes slowly started glowing red. After a few minutes, Sam blinked and got up. "You’ve been out for five hours, my friend," Joe said. Sam gave Joe an unblinking stare, and then jumped out Joe’s bedroom window, landing on his feet, then running untiringly into the distance.

Joe’s computer examined what was on the DVD. The only information it could pick up without playing the DVD was the copyrights.

(C) 666 Xenario Magicks Corporation

"Hypron Demonic Possession Video"

Joe shuddered. Now he knew what was on the disc. Art and chants that, if seen and heard, would summon demons to possess the poor creature that watched it.

Joe was armed with the latest in demon-catching technology. He had a Mr. Squirt water cannon filled with holy water, and a kevlar vest with an iron holy cross on it. He also had a Mr. Squirt Millionaire Water Cannon Targeting System. The system targeted the possessed Sam, and fired...

Sam was back to normal and the DVD was destroyed, but the red mist that floated around Twinhook at night appeared quite soon after this incident, but that’s another story.


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