The Battle of Lithia

By Bob Burlestein


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When the captain did not come back for days, the leader already knew he was dead. He scowled, 
and paced across the floor. He finally made a decision. 

"Muster up an army. Put them around my home
to keep out any intruders." He then smiled, and waited for Mathio to make his move. he shall see 
who is the ultimate ruler then, he shall. 

Mathio was planning on using the jets that they found days later and flying over to Livia, but not exactly how the leader had planned. Mathio planned to snipe the leader thru the building or thru a window. Mathio gathered several volunteers and trained them for hours on how to use guns and dodge laser beams and such. When Mathio, thought they might have a chance, he taught them how to fly the jets and how to withstand g-force. 

Mathio started walking home after such a long night teaching the rookies how to fight. He pulled out a niccotine-free cigarette and struck a match and lit it. He took a puff and walked on. He was looking up, staring at the stars. 

Suddenly he stiffened. He pulled his phaser and walked over to a bush. He aimed low, and fired. Someone yelled in pain.

Mathio walked over to the bush and hauled out a bloody body of a human. The bloodied human coughed up blood and sputtered. Mathio shook him. "Who the hell are you?" 

He spat out some blood and wiped his leg with his shirt. he smirked and turned away. 

Mathio realized he was getting nowhere. He reared his fist back and punched his leg where the laser had gone through. 

"YYYYAAAAAAA GGGOODDDAAAMMMMMMMIIITTT" He started swearing unprintable names left and right and called mathio some curses, then he settled down. 

Mathio said," Tell me what the hell, you are doing here, or I'll punch you again and again and again. If that doesn't work, then I'll think of something.' Mathio flicked out a dagger. 

The stranger gulped. He slowly put his hands behind his back, trying to grasp a chain. He closed his hands around it and whipped out, but by the time he had it out, it fell out of his cold dead hand. Mathio blew the smoke from his phaser, and watched the spy slump to the ground, with blood spurting from his forehead. 

Mathio walked away into the night.


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