The Battle of Lithia

By Bob Burlestein


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All of the crew sat around campfires eating trailmix of some cooked canned food. Mathio was sitting by himself at a campfire near a small oak tree. He walked to his jet, and puled out his backpack and guns. he walked back to the campsite. 

He unzipped his backpack and pulled out a beer. He untwisted the cap and took a sip. One of his recruits named lars came over and sat down next to him."

Luthas was my best friend, you know." He sighed. "I'm going to kill all of those goddarn mortal launcher people. I am."

Mathio gave him a hard stare, and said,"No. You''re not. You are going to kill those people for our country and planet, not because of your best friend. You got that?" Lars walked away and nodded. Mathio took another sip of beer, and dozed off. the rest of Mathio's recruits fell asleep with another hour. 

Lithius, the leader of Lithia, knew of the intruders presence. he could see the smoke of the fires from his balcony. He smiled and thought,Come on. We'll be ready for yer. Lithius walked inside and told his armies what the plan was. 

Mathio awoke next morning, not next to his oak tree, but hanging on a wall, chained up. he struggled, but it was no use. He inspected the chains, and they were metal. He looked in his pockets to see if they left his laser. They did. he jumped with his chains. 

The laser pin jiggled. He made an effort, and jumped again. The laser flew up in the air. Mathio reached his head over and caught it with his teeth. he aimed his head at the chains and pressed his teeth down hard at the buton, praying that he would not miss. He didn't. 

The beam struck the metal and went right thru it, melting away the metal. The chain on his left hand snapped off. He grabbed the laser with his left hand and melted away all his chains. He grabbed one of the chains and began slamming the wall with it. 

A guard heard the commotion, and walked over to Mathio's cell. he looked inside the 1 inch thick glass, but he couldn't see anyone. He unlocked the door and walked in. Mathio waited behind the door. When he saw the guard come in, he aimed the laser and it went right thru the guard's head. 

Mathio took the guards phaser and walked into the hallway. Mathio wandered around the hallways and found out he was in Lithia's prison. He found more cells and checked them for his people. No such luck. 

Mathio strode off in an opposite direction, searching for his comrades. he wandered down the hall and ran into two guards. He didn't want to stir up the whole prison so he ran at them and starngled one and snapped the other one's neck. he took their clips and continued the search. he finally found them. They were all in one room, chained to the wall, with a guard watching them.

Mathio kicked the door open and blew the guard away. he used his laser to melt the chains of his friends, and then they all left the room. 

Mathio and his friends stormed thru the hallways, killing guards and releasing innocent people who had been imprisoned.They finally found the exit.

When he opened the door, Mathio and his friends were ambushed by lithius and 30 of his men. Mathio told the others to scout the hallways and pick up clips and weapons from dead guards. All of the soldiers set off except for Mathio. He would jump out of the prison and attack

Lithiu's small force came when they weren't expecting it. Finally his men arrived. Tehy were all armed to the teeth. Mathio counted down to 1.

"CHHHAAARRRRGGGEEEE!!"  His force leapt out of the building and stormed over Luthiu's force easily. In 5 minutes all of Luthiu's men were dead, and Luthius surrendered. The battle of Lithia was over.


Afterward, Mathio ordered Lars to take Lithius to the Bavarian prison.

The city of Bavaria was being repaired, and the evil emperor was no longer

a threat. The legends of Mathio live on.......


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