The Legends of Mathio

By Bob Burlestein

Copyright (c) 2001 Bob Burlestein

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Chapter 5

Mathio tiptoed behind a guard. He quickly put his arms on the guard’s head and twisted his head and snapped his neck like a twig. He took the guards stun gun and his phaser and the ammo for them. 

“Stay behind old man.” 

The old man eyed him, then took the stun gun. He inserted some clips. 

“Bullshit I’ll wait behind. I’m with you all the way, Mathio.” Mathio understood and nodded. He walked to the guard’s body and took some keys. He opened the door and walked out. 

Two guards were sipping coffee and chatting. When they saw Mathio and another captive, they reached for their guns. The old man whipped out his as quickly as a cat and shot them both. They fell down to the ground, sound asleep. 

They walked past them and as they did, Mathio pulled his phaser and killed them both. The old man looked at the dead bodies and then Mathio. 

“Why da hell did you do that, son? They were both unconscious. That was a gutless thing to do, you rat.” 

“Fool. They would’ve woken up in an hour, you dolt. That’s just one more guard to deal with. Understand?” 

The old man nodded. They turned the corner. No guards. Mathio kept walking. He looked into a door’s window. This is what he was looking for. 

Inside the room were computers and a large T.V console. Mathio put his finger to his mouth and shushed the old man. He was babbling to himself. 

Mathio slipped the key into the lock and turned it as slowly and silently as he could. The people inside turned their direction. “Darn.” they pulled lasers and plasma guns and started firing at Mathio. 

Mathio grimaced, and kicked the door down. He shot a guard with his phaser and ran over to a desk and flipped the desk on its side. Then ducked behind the desk. 

The old man was at the door stunning people with his gun. When someone would take a shot at him, he would jump out of the doorway. 

Mathio took out the used clip and stuck in a fresh one. He stood up and smoked another guard, and then he shot a computer programmer. He ducked again. 

The guards began to shoot at the table. The table caught on fire. Mathio put his foot under the table and flipped it into the air in front of him. He shot it with his phase it went flying and it smacked into a guard. 

He shot the table that the dumbstruck guard was holding. The beam went thru the table and struck the cop. The cop groaned and sank the ground. The rest of the guards ran to the window, smashed it and jumped out and scurried away. 

Mathio ran to the computers. “Crap, I don’t know jack about computers.” 

The old man stepped in. “Move aside. I’ll figure this out.” The old man began typing away. 

He jumped up and down. “O.K. O.K. Let’s get out of here. I unlocked all the doors.”  They left the room and headed downstairs.


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