The Legends of Mathio

By Bob Burlestein

Copyright (c) 2001 Bob Burlestein

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Chapter 8

He was on the ground, with cramps all over his body. He got up, all stiff. He walked towards his home, ready to hug his wife and son. 

He reached a motorcycle-leasing store, but it was burned to the ground. He took a motorcycle, knowing they wouldn’t be needing it. He drove away towards his house. 

What he saw there was not what he expected. His house was just a pile of ashes. And to his horror, behind the house his wife and son’s bodies lay. He had checked them; they were both shot. 

He sat down and cried. Suddenly, he was filled with rage. He swore on his life, that he would kill Zrak and his armies. And he meant it. 

He got on his motorbike and drove in the direction that he had seen Zrak’s army go last. He would stop and ask people where Zrak’s army had gone, but they wouldn’t speak a word. Obviously Zrak had threatened them not to talk or else. He continued to stop though, hoping someone would have the courage to speak up. 

He did finally find a man. The man did not give his name though. He just said that they were in the city of Lucracis. 

Mathio spun around instantly and headed toward Zrak and his armies. He finally reached the city of Lucracis. 

He saw Zrak’s men. They were all asleep. Mathio did not want them to be asleep. He wanted them to remember him when they were all in hell burning away. 

He curled his lips and moved his tongue upward and made a loud, piercing whistle. Everyone woke up and looked towards Mathio. Mathio shouted a battle cry and threw 4 grenades into the middle of the army. 

Loud shouts of pain and surprise echoed thru the army. Mathio pulled out his plasma cannon. He aimed and fired at Zrak’s troops. He continued to shoot people and throw grenades until there were only about 40 men left. He then pulled out a large battleaxe he picked up on the way. 

He ran down the hill and engaged in hand-to-hand combat. With the large ax he cut away at Zrak’s troops easily. When Zrak’s troops knew they were no match for Mathio, they fled into the prairie. Zrak was one of them. 

Mathio pulled his phaser and chased them all down. He shot every single one of them. He shot the last man in the back. 

He walked over to Zrak.” I’m going to kill you. Right now.” Zrak whipped out his dagger and stabbed Mathio in the leg. He yelped. 

Mathio grabbed Zrak’s head and twisted his head violently. Zraks’ hands flew up as his neck snapped. 

Mathio raised his ax and decapitated Zrak. The realm of Mailn now had a chance of hope in the future. Zrak and all of his armies were slain, and people were restarting and rebuilding their lives. 

The legends of Mathio live on........

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