The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 10




Whoa!" said Martin, “What a rush!"


Martin looked at him. “Your power can never get in the way of true love."

Hannah looked at him with shock. “Y... you heard me..."

Martin just gave her a nod. “Now" said martin, " We shall destroy your power."

Martin then grabbed Hannah's hand, and strangely, his eyes began to glow white. As martin grabbed Hannah’s hand, a look of understanding crossed her face. She then began to concentrate hard, and her eyes began to glow white also.

Francis began to back away. “Oh no..." Suddenly, the Amulet of Ages flew off his neck and floated in front of Martin and Hannah.

Then, without warning, the amulet split in two. One piece floated onto Martin, and one floated on Hannah. Immediately, a white blast shot from both of them and hit Francis. “NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Something shot out of his head as fast as a bullet from a gun. That round thing then deteriorated in the air. A white flash blinded them all. Then there was darkness.  

 “Strange happenings." said Chief Harry Smithe. He was sitting on the Mason's living room couch. He was investigating the strange things that had happened. He could have sworn that he saw Martin where these phenomena took place. He kept repeating to Martin's dad, “I can swear that he was there."

All through their discussions, Martin merely said, “I wasn't there."

          Hannah made sure to keep in touch with Martin, always sure to at least send an e-mail. They both kept their adventure a secret, realizing the danger of everyone knowing. The basement supply room in Jacksonville was locked away... for now. And so, their adventure ended, yet there was still the mystery of the Amulet, which disappeared afterwards. If you would ever ask them what happened to the Amulet (If you knew about it), they would fold their arms and talk about the weather, because on their chests were shapes that looked like half of a certain amulet...

        THE END

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