The mission of is to offer hope to writers that go unnoticed in the publishing world.  We understand that a writer's dream is to be discovered and respected as an artist, to see his or her works published, and to be considered as a possible prospect for future media writings. 

Our team of consultants gives encouragement, knowledge, leadership, and standards of excellence to every writer.  We provide compassion to writers who have been rejected by the publishing world. is a channel that is open to the amateur, the scholar, and the professional writer, from public schools to higher education.  We believe that learning is the key to unlocking the chains of unawareness.  The site is designed to be educational, inspirational, motivational, and sometimes humorous, so that the writer will aspire to travel to the next writing level.

Our organization is aware that writers are seeking an honest business with credible understanding and sincerity.  We will continually do our utmost to reach this goal by giving each writer the skill and thoughtfulness they expect and deserve.  We want to be the positive alternative that encourages writers to achieve their God-given maximum potential.

by Kathy Hartwell

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