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April, 2012

Marketing yor Self-Published Book

by Bruce L. Cook

Don’t be depressed when your self-published book doesn’t sell. You may think, “Well, I have a link to it on the Internet, and Google lists it on searches…” Let’s work on the commercial context. (Continued below...)


Book Publishers: What Do They Want

by Christopher Bert

If you’ve tried submitting a manuscript to any of the book publishers within the business today, chances are you’ve received a rejection. The so named rejection scripts goes something like we’re not searching for new authors at this moment, we’re not interested, and so on. Irrespective of how they’re written, oftentimes, they’ll be cold and harsh and these will often be taken as huge blows in an author’s life. You’ve place your heart and soul into the materials but they do not believe its good enough. On that note, what are publishers really trying to find?

This could be summed up in 3 M’s, namely, mass appeal, marketability and memorable. If you wish to sell your book to book publishers, you've got to maintain these 3 points in thoughts. On the side of mass appeal, you are searching to write a book that would appeal to a huge audience. In a single word- everybody! Write for every person as a lot as your expertise can muster. Most of the time, in case you write for a group, you’ll also be writing off a great quantity of publishers in that method. As for marketability, the name of the game is M-oney. Write with all your heart but make sure that you produce a thing that can sell. In case you succeed with convincing a publishing residence that your perform will sell nicely then you have found oneself a publisher.

For the last M that publishers are trying to find, you may prefer to tweak the word and add potential to the term. With memorability, you desire to write something that men and women will always bear in mind and will also relate to. Take note that when your book is published, it still has to complete operate in standing out from the other books on the shelf. Marketing and advertising and promotion can give your book a boost but you need to make a thing that will not blend in with all the bookshelf woodwork. Your book wants to attract an audiences’ attention and remain in their minds.

Now which you know regarding the three Ms, you will have a better possibility if you submit your manuscript. Provided that it’s written with those in mind, you will not be getting a rejection from book publishers.

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Marketing ... (continued)

If Apple produces only 30 new ibooks in the current version, the price is high due to scarcity. If they produce 30 million, the price is considerably lower. So, too, with books. If the market contains only 30 books by new authors, many readers will be interested and the price will be high. If, however, the market is flooded by 30 million books by new writers, guess what will happen? Sadly, that’s the kind of situation faced by writers today.

However, it is possible to sell such a book. For example, you can invest mega-bucks on getting interviewed on television or radio, and this will produce measurable results. For example, if you invested $4,000, you might produce $1,000 in sales, or $100 in revenue (which would be a 2.5% return on your investment. Measurable, but you can see the problem.

I’ve tried to rank-order various marketing methods below, and I invite comments (send to cookcomm@gmail.com). The list starts with methods I believe are most cost efficient.

1.       Author promotion to friends, relatives and professional associates

2.       Author book signings and speeches in local area

3.       Professional associates promote to other professionals

4.       Get listed on websites or get the book reviewed online

5.       Pay to have book’s website promoted by a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

6.       Pay to be interviewed on radio

7.       Pay to be interviewed on television

8.       Send free books to well-known reviewers

9.       Write Oprah in desperation

OK, maybe the last one is unfair. But the overall situation is real. Celebrities are approached through agents who have little interest in charitable actions that don’t bring accolades to their clients. Legitimate book review publishers receive so many free books for review that they sell them off at $1 each and donate the proceeds to charity. I haven’t checked with contests, but it’s possible that some have the same problem as legitimate reviewers.

If my little marketing song is discouraging to you, I apologize. However, we don’t need a teaspoon of sugar here. Marketing books is tough, and marketing books by new authors is even tougher. Focus on the top methods above and hopefully you will enjoy satisfying results.

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