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 August, 2008

Is Your Book Targeting Both Genders?
 by Marsha Friedman, EMSI (Event Management Services, Inc)

You talk to a lot of people about your book…but do both men and women hear you in just the same way? .... (continued below...)


How to Write a Meaningful Book in 10 Days


by Michael Levy

If you ask anyone who knew me back in Manchester, UK, if they thought it possible if Michael Levy could write a book, let alone a book in 10 days, they would say, not in a million years. On the first day of August, 2008 it will be 10 years to the day that I sat down at the kitchen table and started to scribble in long hand a book with the title; “What Is The Point.”

To understand how unlikely and remarkable it is you need to know a little of my background.

I left school at age sixteen with a good education in the fact I could read and write ok and was not tainted by any ideas the teachers tried to push into my mind. Armed only with a smile and a quick wit, I set out to take on all the challenges the world had to offer without understanding what adversity or work meant.

I’ll not go into all the details how I achieved success in the business world right now other than the fact most people told me how stupid I was and I could never amount to anything with such a carefree attitude. The more they belittled me, the more success I achieved. Then one day in 1992, I found myself on an airplane going to Florida to start a new adventure. I did not know the whys or wherefores; I just knew something was calling my name in a silent voice that I could not interpret at that time.

It took six years of sitting on my patio that overlooks the Atlantic ocean, looking up at the
night sky, asking all kinds of profound questions, that I never found time for before these moments. Well, you could say I was researching my book before the thought of writing it. Six years later I began to write my thoughts on paper. On the fifth day I played golf in the morning and after lunch, while still sat at the dinning table, composed six poems, one after the other. Five days later I had finished the 107 page book with six other poems added for good measure.

Without great humbleness I can declare it is one of the most simple, yet profound books any person will read on the meaning of life. From ten, to one hundred years of age, everyone can learn answers to questions like: If? Why Me? Who Are We? Why Do We Exist, Do We Need To Hold Fear? What Is The True Meaning Of Life?

So what are the ingredients a person requires to write a book in ten days?

1/The simple will to sit down with inspiration and just do it.
2/  Not to strive for perfection because no matter how good it may be, in hindsight it can always be better.

3/  Not worry what people will say. There will always be critics so, good, bad, or indifferent, who cares.

4/ Don't expect anything from your writing other than the joy of doing it

5/Do your research in any way you feel is authentic to your inner core before you write one word.

6/Your intellect can be an asset or a liability. Even if you write a best seller and make millions, you may find your mind is ruled by a monster that demands all your time. In other words, don't allow your success or failure as a writer to rule your life.

7/Before you write ask yourself the purpose of the story, facts or insights you will write. If the end result brings horror or misery, do you think you are adding to peoples woes or lightening their load?

8/Even if you feel blocked keep on writing gibberish. You may find some meaning that can be translated in a better way the next day.

9/Start a journal or diary of the events that happen to you on a daily basis. This is one way of writing a book even though it is not my way.

10/Use other peoples negativity towards you as stepping stones to greatness.

11/If you have to take lessons on how to write or compose you will never be a success to yourself no matter how much fame and fortune you achieve. The treasures that you hold inside you will be obscured by other peoples lessons and teachings on the “correct way to write.” I'm not saying don't learn from other people. I am saying don’t let them influence your own style or method of writing.

12/Love every moment on earth as though it was your last and free up your mind from any restrictions it may impose in your mind.

Lastly, digest all these tips on how to write a book in 10 days, and then take them out your conscious mind. Ask any question that requires an answer five minutes before you go to sleep. Then take a few deep breaths to allow the question time to sink into your subconscious. If an authentic answer does not come through within a few days, ask the question in a different way. Remember, those that can, do, and those that can't, have not read, or worse, understood this article.


International talk show host Michael Levy, is the author of eight books, a mystical poet, inspirational philosopher and wellness/healthy living speaker. His latest books are "The Joys of Live Alchemy" and "Worry Causes Wrinkles" which can help a person change dark negative situations into beautiful, colorful, positive actions, that bring de-lights on the darkest of days.


Michael Levy. 
Author, Poet, Philosopher.
Service With A Smile.
P O Box 7 3032 East Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale
Florida 33303




Targeting Both Genders... (continued)

The answer is probably no.

 It’s not a question of chauvinism, sexism, or any other “ism,” for that matter. We’re just geared differently. And the more you know about these key gender/marketing differences, the more books you’ll sell. It’s that simple.
So consider these differences the next time you do a radio, TV or print interview to promote your book.

“Just the Facts, Ma’am” Versus Telling the Whole Story

According to the great “Marketing to Women” book by Martha Barletta, a book I often refer to, men tend to strip propositions down to the “nuts and bolts,” to the bottom-line reasons for buying or not buying. And the faster they can do that, the happier they are. Think of this as a sort of Dragnet, “just the facts, Ma’am,” buying philosophy.  

Women, on the other hand, tend to be more information driven. You could say, the more information, the better—almost the opposite of men. Martha Barletta says women are looking for “the Perfect Answer.’ Now I realize this is a generalization—and there will always be loads of exceptions to any “rule”—but women tend to want more “surrounding” data than men do before acting.

You might try testing the above research in your next interview—talk about your book in “headlines,” outlines and shorthand if you’re selling to a predominantly male audience, but tell as much of the whole story as you can if you’re selling mostly to women.

And, as I wrote before, if you’re speaking to both genders, blend the two approaches. Decide ahead of time how to present the nuts and bolts case as well as the “inside scoop.” Maybe begin a new interview direction by doing a quick outline that covers the basics, the facts, then launch into stories that flesh out the topic…and just repeat that formula until the interview is over.   

There’s another thing you need to know about marketing your book to men and women. 

The Value of Warm and Fuzzy

 If you’ll forgive another seeming cliché, women tend to care about the things they buy. Here’s what Barletta wrote in her book:

“Remember that women’s gender culture is geared toward empathy rather than aspiration.” She goes on to write about a hypothetical SUV ad campaign that might have particular appeal to women—it wouldn’t talk in terms of “our 270 horsepower engine” but instead of our “4,000 pound guardian angel.”   

Simply put, if you’re doing media interviews to promote your book, you will be talking to a split gender audience, so it’s vital you know how to tailor your message to both men and women for a successful campaign.

Don't Forget: Despite these various appeals to women, don’t make the rather large mistake of “going pink.” That’s when companies make an obvious “women-only” appeal. It doesn’t work. Women will only consider it corporate patronizing and end up resenting you. 


About Marsha Friedman

Marsha Friedman is a prominent business woman, publicity expert, radio personality and public speaker.   Her company EMSI (Event Management Services, Inc) is a national public relations firm.  Launched in 1990 her firm represents authors and corporations in a wide array of fields such as business, health and fitness, food and beverage, travel and lifestyle, politics, technology, finance, law, sports and entertainment. Some of the more prominent names on her client roster are Teamster’s President, Jimmy Hoffa Jr.; Sergeant's Pet Care Products; Former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane and the famous Motown Group, the Temptations.  Visit her company online to find out more about EMSI's pay-for-performance, retainer-free publicity campaigns for your book! http://www.publicitythatworks.com


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