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February, 2014


In this issue... Launching your Book

Launching your Book

by Bruce L. Cook
Publisher, The Author-me.com Group

As I've worked with books from emerging authors, I've learned that the key obstacle in selling a book is marketing. This is not a surprise to writers today. Instead, it is a sad comment..... (Continued below...)










Launching... (continued)

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I have little doubt that "Old Man and The Sea" would have been unsuccessful today if it had only been released as a book or eBook on Lulu or Amazon, 

An author can drop $1,000 or more for formula editing on some of the larger POD houses, or $1,000 to one of the marketing companies that set up broadcast interviews, but there is almost negligible likelihood that the return in profits will exceed the investment. 

Thus, I suggest that we write for posterity, focusing on quality, for the book will carry our name forever. We must learn to have low expectations when it comes to sales. Sure, we want and dream of market success, but we need to accept today's reality. Perhaps the key message is to realize that high expenditures on our books will not produce the results we want. Thus, we just need to focus on quality and message.

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February, 2014 (no. 1502)


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