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In February issue... Character Study - by Bruce L. Cook


Bruce L. Cook

Character Study

Novel writers - Are you writing a Character Study? .... (continued below)
Character Study
by Bruce L. Cook

Is your story a character study?

For example, Rear Window is a familiar story. It develops one character in a fixed focus. The narrative matches his experience and thoughts. Citizen Kane is another example.

In contrast, general fiction writing develops each character, some in detail and others just as passing reference. However, it is rare to exclude all but the central character in the story.

In a character study, the focus doesn’t shift from the protagonist. The reader sees experience through her or his eyes. The story makes the reader deeply understand motivation and emotions, both through present actions and memories. Naturally, fiction develops at least one central character. For example, Green Mile has such a focus. Surely any story can be seen as a study of a character in context.

As a challenge for a writer, it’s worthwhile to write a story which screws its lens down to just one character. If nothing else, this is a useful exercise. After all, within a single person there is a whole library of experience and emotions, wins and losses, and these can teach us about ourselves.


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