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 July, 2010

How to Find Best Online Writing Jobs?

by Sutikno Slamet


So, you can write well and would like to employ your skill to earn some money working from home. It is a very good decision as more and more opportunities for online writing jobs are opening up for a freelance copywriter or editor. (Continued below...)


The Book Marketplace

An Author's View

by Bruce Cook

As an author, it’s frustrating to assess the book market. It is a place to sell the book you are writing, or the book you just finished, but it’s more. It includes other books too – millions of them – and you wonder how your book fits in. But often it makes an author turn away with the firm conviction that marketing is for publishers, not authors.

Don’t fall for it. An author needs to know his book’s market.

When I was instructed to learn the book market, I was directed to the nearest large bookstore. There I was to browse for hours, learning which titles fit in each category, the designs used, and typical content and typical publishers for various genres.

While this was excellent advice, I found it intimidating view the whole market on display. At first glance, bright displays and staggering quantities were stunning. It seemed impossible to even gain a book’s entry into the store, let alone sell the book there.

With time you learn to go beyond the global view and concentrate on one genre. Study the titles carefully. Apply critical skills. What is missing? How would your book fit in? What is its original contribution – something you can use in “selling” it to a prospective agent, publisher and – most importantly - reader?

Later, thinking back, ask how your book fits with other titles in that genre. Keep that assessment in mind when you prepare your query letter.

Read a few pages of newly released books. Does the language in your book measure up? If it seems cumbersome and wordy, you need to study the differences and rewrite the text. If you’re from the “old school,” you may be surprised at the changes.

Once you’ve achieved a realistic perspective on your book’s position in the marketplace, you can access agents and/or publishers and, with a little bit of luck, once they adopt your book, you’ll learn even more as they tell you more about your book in relation to the market.

See you in the bookstore!




How to Find.... (continued)

With the increasing popularity of Internet marketing, individuals and organizations need freelance articles written by skilled writers to do article marketing, email promotion or simply to enhance their website content.

Now, if you are a beginner, you may not always know how to find the best online writing jobs as there are many scam sites around to mislead you. I have discussed 4 tips below to find the perfect job opportunities for yourself so that you can earn a handsome income from the comfort of your home.

Search on Internet

The first place to look for online writing jobs is of course the Internet. Search on terms such as: "freelance copywriter jobs," "online writing job" and similar phrases. You are surely going to be flooded with numerous results. However, stick with the websites that look respectable and most importantly that have correct contact details on them, which is a good way to test the authenticity of a website offering jobs to freelance copywriters. Call or write to these organizations using the contact details displayed there and you can even send a couple of sample articles to allow them to assess your writing ability.

Join online forums

Online forums for people involved with online copywriting are good places to find copywriting jobs. In such places you can interact with people who are experienced writers and submit freelance articles on a regular basis to different websites. Many of them will be happy to help you to find a writing job suitable for you.

Sign up with a job portal

A job portal usually provides free service up to a certain point. Therefore, you can sign up with a job portal that specializes in writing jobs and submit your resume and writing samples there for all employers to see. One good thing about this is that here the employers will find you instead of the other way round.

Create a website

You can create a website of your own to attract attention of potential employers. Even easier is to create a blog, which is totally free of cost. You can promote your freelance articles on this. However, make sure to employ some basic search engine optimization strategies that you can easily find on the Internet to make sure that your site appears in good position. This site should also contain sample writings on several subjects and testimonials from your clients. If these do not attract employers then nothing else will!

About The Author

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