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In This issue... Engage your Reader - by Bruce L. Cook


Bruce L. Cook

Engage your Reader 

Writer, does your novel create an ideal world, perhaps one which describes an event, place or experience?.... (continued below)
Engage your Reader
by Bruce L. Cook

Writer, does your novel create an ideal world, perhaps one which describes an event, place or experience? Then a reviewer pops your bubble, telling you the book is boring. Nothing happening.

That can result when the protagonist faces problems that are inconsequential. For a bad example, the protagonist is just living near a beach and meeting with friends once in a while. Please compare this with a character who finds a cadaver on the beach and is credibly accused of murder.

Generally, think of a character whose life is utterly challenged by another person, environment, or animal.

In those cases, readers become so engaged it is impossible to put the book down.

If a boring story is your problem, bless your protagonist with an unsolvable problem. Then solve it!

--Bruce Cook, Publisher, Reservebooks.com


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July, 2022 (vol. 23, no.7)


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