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 June, 2001

If [you] can continue to send me more useful information of any sort pertaining to writing it would be greatly appreciated. Your March newsletter has already been of a good deal of help to me. 

Thank you

Dave Fox

Writing Assignment:

Conflict with Self

Like the last 2 months, now that you've done all the background work, the "easy" part lies ahead. All you need to do is lead your character toward the goal you specified earlier.

Last month you portrayed a character who was blocked from his or her goal by the environment. This week you will take a different tack.

This time think of some problem in your main character's character to keep him or her from attaining the  goal. Perhaps ethical qualms, or an uncontrollable obsession with negative behavior.

Again, this is an exercise, so you may be writing chapters you will later throw away. But it's important to learn how to show internal, personal conflict as a possible hindrance to your main character's progress.

Let's review now. You created a character and setting, and then aimed the character at a goal. Now it is your duty to introduce an internal personal conflict to interfere with the character's quest.

Go! We look forward to receiving your exercise.

Good luck!


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Writing Tips

by Abbe Wilner

Recently, I asked Bruce for some assistance regarding a revision of my previously submitted work. 

Sometimes, I think that Bruce is really a compilation of "friends" who happen to always have just the right thing to say at just the time!    So, with the credit going to one of his many wise and informed friends, I'd like to share the following.

This is attributable to Dr. Roy Madsen, San Diego State:  "One of the best curatives for a written work is another draft.  In those days, that meant a complete re-typing.  That way the story will be recast in a smoother, more targeted flow."

My Great Aunt wrote poems in the 1930's.  This is how she did it: 1) Write the poem with a lead pencil.  2) Re-write it with a fountain pen.  3) Read it into a dictating machine.  4) Listen to it.  5) If sounds Okay, type it to the sound of her own voice. 


Developing a Writer's Track Record

I hate rejection letters. unless they suggest changes in a manuscript.

Let's be big on forgiveness, though. If you were deciding how to invest $500,000, would you put your money on an unpublished writer or one who's got a solid track record?

Look at it this way. We need to help the acquisitions editor say yes. We don't do that if we ignore the question of experience.

It's a chicken and egg thing. No experience, no publish. No publish, no experience. Sound familiar?

Again, start with magazines. In your cover letter, you can feature these articles, and school, church, or work publications you've done (or helped with), and you'll grab the editor's attention.

Also, it helps to view your work's position in the marketplace. Which category? How are sales in that category? How many copies might be sold?

(For books, don't peg it to current events unless you have a phenomenal, sensational story. It takes so long to prepare and produce a book the "hot" topic fades away.)

Got to start somewhere. Don't be a piker/ Submit your manuscripts!


AuthorMe... for You and Me

Great Site, thank God for the Internet! (Not to take anything away from Al Gore!). A Chat Room would be most awesome!

Corben Harper

State College, PA USA - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 11:36:28 (EDT)

Hungry, sanguine writers everywhere should come to Author-me.com and

Benefit from the writing community thatís evolving there. Personally, I have found interfacing and sharing my work with others on Author-me.com to be a highly stimulating experience.

Many revisions and enhancements are in progress for this website including a Writerís Chat room and a Writerís Discussion Forum where we get together and discuss our works, our dreams, our missions, or just joke around and make new friends.

Bruce and his staff exhibit a refreshing passion and sincerity for supporting writers of every ilk that has inspired me to reach deeper into myself and rekindled my desire to become a professional, published author.

Are you talented? Unappreciated? Undiscovered? Crawl back out of your shadowy, nihilistic shells and come to Author-me.com where a growing and supportive family awaits you.

- Corben Harper (Satirist)



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June, 2001 (no.206)

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