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June, 2013


In this issue... Time Management in Fiction Writing

Time Management in Fiction Writing

by Bruce L. Cook
Publisher, The Author-me.com Group

As a fiction writer, you have access to one of the most effective time machines known to man. Not only can you create characters and settings and plots, you and you alone are in charge of time. (Continued below...)










Time Management... (continued)

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Take some time to contemplate this thought. With “time power,” you can write a standard chronological account, but even that old standard leaves you great leverage over your story. It’s the author who picks the discrete times what the reader sees the story’s action. As a matter of strategy, that allows a full (transparent) view or it allows you to pick and tease so the reader is unsure what is going to happen.

When you decide to alter strict time progression, you can highlight past or future events and clarify your point. At the same time, you can bring in glimpses of past and future to mislead your reader, making your reader suspect one thing will happen when you are carefully preparing for an unexpected outcome.

Compare this with to own lives. Sometimes we find ourselves imagining past events, regretting that they ended or had an unexpected outcome. If we allow our minds to become tormented, we can fixate on these thoughts in a negative way. A more healthy view, however, is to see them as past events and relish new ones, being especially thankful that past events inform teach us. In the same way, we need to balance past, present, and future so these elements will fully support our story.

When you think about, please realize that time play is as important as the scenes you are cranking through your story projector. Time gives you great power over the story and over the reader. Use it carefully.

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