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March, 2012

Tracking Readerthink

by Bruce L. Cook

Once I was consulting for a university and they asked me to review their instructions for a test given to new students. I told how the students would interpret the instructions. And, no surprise for bureaucracy, the student interpretations were far different from their intent and they had to revise. (Continued below...)


Digital Book Readers And Also The Advantages Of Using Them

Digital book readers are rapidly taking on the electronics world as some of the most wished for and most gifted products of previous months and continuing being the top seller. If you're thinking of buying your personal reader, here are a few of the benefits of doing so.

1) Convenience

Top from the list is the characteristic that digital book readers were designed for: portability. The entire point of an electronic reader is to allow consumers to take a entire assortment of books with them wherever they go. This is perfect for those who commute, travel often, or simply love to read books but dislike to bring them around!

Most e-book readers are typically around the size of a small paperback, meaning they take up far less space -whether that means on your bookshelf or in your handbag – than a normal collection of physical books would. They don’t weigh any additional, either!

2) Online connectivity

True book lovers will love the connectivity features of many of the newest audience, permitting them to logon to e-book stores and purchase publications whenever they want. Kindle is famous for its wireless network, though other e-book readers are also following suit.

3 They’re Simple to Read

Although some people may presume otherwise, digital book readers are actually remarkably easy and pleasing to read. Thanks to a technological innovation known as e-Ink, light is reflected from the screen within the exact same way as its reflected from paper. You won't discover your eyes getting tired or strained as they would with a pc display.

4) Benefits to Publishers, Authors and Readers

Because of the way in which e-books can make publications accessible to a mass audience, they reward publishers, authors and audience alike. They make it easy to self-publish your own work, and save publishers huge costs by avoiding printing, binding and all of the other operations that go into creating physical publications.

5) Easy to Use

When reading an e-book on your electronic device, it's far easier to search than with a physical guide. If you have to find a specific word or phrase you are able to do so in seconds, and also you might also have the capability to highlight, browse back and forth easily, and conserve favorite locations of the guide. On top of this, you can customize the font, the size from the words and also the layout to match your wants and preferences. On some models you are able to even lookup words within the dictionary on the go!

6) Take Advantage of Totally free eBooks

There are many fiction works, published prior to 1900, accessible in the public domain – and you can get e-book versions of these publications totally totally free with your new e-book reader! What much better method to begin off your assortment? Conclusion - These advantages just scratch the surface of what you'll experience when you start using digital book readers. Just think of how they will encourage you to read much more, to conserve paper, and to appreciate yourself when travelling!

Source: http://freearticlesforwebsites.com/shopping-and-product-reviews/digital-book-readers-and-also-the-advantages-of-using-them.html

Readerthink ... (continued)

What about fiction? Is it possible that the author’s intended message fails to come through? Or, more importantly, that the story creates imagery and implications that fill the reader’s mind, leading to a place that’s separate from the text being viewed? Isn’t that OK?

When writing a novel or long story it is difficult to avoid diversions from immediate action. In fact, in these stories, it may be important to include deviations along with the overall process of weaving story elements together.
I believe writers need to keep track of “readerthink” (what the reader is thinking in the background) when writing in several areas. It may help to think of them as bonfires in a desert, where each tiny portion of the tale will later contribute to a powerful and emotional cauldron of resolution at the end.

Jumps in Time and Place.  When the reader ends an engaging chapter only to land in an entirely new story and setting, keep in mind that the previous chapter is stored away. If the story is particularly engaging, and especially if the connection to the new chapter is unknown at first, the reader may feel disappointed.

Character Jumps. Even within a chapter, when the dialogue and action shifts from character to character, please keep in mind that the reader is drumming fingers on the book, curious or even demanding to know what a cared-for character will say or do next.

Frustrating Elaborations. Try to avoid branching off into long-winded descriptions or musings unless the reader can sense (or later learn) that these words have a direct bearing on the story’s resolution. A great example would be gratuitous sex scenes whose content is so predictable and whose contribution to the conclusion is nil. (Does the writer really feel that her or his story will sell because it has sex scenes?)

Unless your story is purely chronological (and perhaps boring as a result), your task as a writer is to weave story elements together like patterns on a quilt, or like placing a collection or trees in a powerful forest. Ultimately, it is these “jumps” into unity that contribute so well to the suspense that your story needs.
Be mindful of what the reader is thinking as you move through your story. This has to be part of your overall plan.


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