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November, 2011

Marketing "Emory's Gift"

by Stephen Meier

I got the opportunity to meet author W. Bruce Cameron at a coffee shop out here in LA. I had never heard of him, nor had I read any of his books, and quite truthfully I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't got to sit down with him. (Continued below...)


E-Book Formats

Confused by e-book formats? Here are some guidelines for the current market.

EPub Files - This is currently the best format and is fast becoming the standard for the industry. To view EPub files on a computer, use Adobe Digital Editions, which is free from Adobe.com. Other players for these files include: B&N Nook, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle (with conversion), the Firefox browser (with an add-on), and various free programs. One advantage of the EPub format is the option for an author or seller to use Digital Rights Management so that the person you send the file to can't just attach the file to a bunch of e-mails and make your book available to many folks by standard e-mail.

Acrobat ("doc.") Files. For these files, use Adobe Reader, which is free from Adobe.com. This format is the grand old daddy of e-books, and is widely used for other applications. (Technically, its beauty has always been that it uses print formats, not word processor formats, etc., so it has been a leader in cross-platform uses - meaning that it can be used with Mac or Windows or most any other system.) Most browsers and many other programs also permit you to view Acrobat files.

Word Processing Files. Technically, you can send a word processing file to someone who wants to buy or view your book. However, this is not officially an e-book format.

Best of luck with your e-book!

Marketing... (continued)

His types of books don't really appeal to me, but after talking with him I was quite drawn to his story of perseverance and heartache. As a struggling writer myself, it's comforting to hear these types of stories, and to know that you can do it, that success does come to those that don't give up. So with that said, I decided to read one of his novels. Most people would start with his New York Times bestselling novel, A Dog's Purpose, which is one of the highest rated books on Amazon and recently acquired by Dreamworks to be a feature film. No, I started with Emory's Gift.

Emory's Gift is Cameron's follow up to his hugely successful, A Dog's Purpose. It's the book he always wanted to write, the story he had to tell, and without the success of A Dog's Purpose, he wouldn't have had this opportunity. The reason for this is it deals with the one subject that scares most mainstream publishers, God. This is the book that I chose to read as his passion for this book is unmatched. Emory's Gift is the story of a thirteen year old boy named Charlie whose mother has passed away, and whose father seems to retreat into his own world of silence and unsure how to deal with his son. Charlie has his own issues while dealing with the trials-and-tribulations of junior high school. As Charlie suffers from the loss of a loved one, while coping with anguish and pain, he discovers that he's not all alone in the world when he is saved from a mountain lion by a grizzly bear. This isn't a normal bear, this is Emory, and Emory has a message for Charlie. One that will change Charlie's life forever and teach him invaluable lessons.

Emory's Gift is a heartwarming and charming tale that will tug at your heart page-after-page. I highly recommended this book for all readers. It offers joy and hope and will stay with you long after you read the last page. Pick up a copy and dive into Charlie's life, you won't be disappointed. 


Or check out the Facebook fan page where you can read what others are saying: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emorys-Gift/119202054824568

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