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November, 2013


In this issue... Dealing with Writer's Block

Dealing with Writer's Block

by Bruce L. Cook
Publisher, The Author-me.com Group

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Dealing with... (continued)

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Here's an exercise that's built for anyone suffering writers block. It is something to do when you have set a time, like a Saturday morning, aside for writing. But, sadly, despite your deep knowledge and talent, you just can't get started.

You might start by writing a short description of a character like yourself. No worries, you can easily adapt a new character later or just "trade this one in" for another. The most important thing is to identify a character - any character - and begin.

Now think of some interesting scenes you have seen lately, probably yesterday or so. Perhaps you saw an argument between husband and wife, an accident, a robbery. Whatever - you just need some action. Anything goes. (Not for publication anyway, probably.)

Now set the conflict and imagine yourself as one of the characters. Describe the interesting event in graphic terms and add your fictional outcome.

Is the writing block over? If so, set the exercise aside and get to work on something better. Or, perhaps, the new scene will integrate with whatever you wanted to work on.

Or, if you remain in a writing dither, think again and recall another interesting event. (Perhaps this time you will hunt for one that does relate to your current writing project.)

Just keep going until the block is blasted away.

See how easy that was? Not only that, but now you'll never suffer writer's block again!

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