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In This issue... Does your story have a "Late Blooer?"- by Bruce L. Cook


Bruce L. Cook

Does your story have a "Late Bloomer"? 

Does uour story feature a "late bloomer"?.... (continued below)
Does your story have a "Late Bloomer"?
by Bruce L. Cook

Does your fiction story feature a "late bloomer"? (This term arises near the end of the current film titled "Father Stu".)

Father Stu is a survivor of past violence and shameful behavior. During the film he surprises everyone, especially his girlfriend, by deciding to become a priest. Unexpectedly, his road to this admirable vocation was terribly difficult, but his pursuit of this goal overcame perilous difficulties.

In the same way, assuming your fiction story is positive, it may be worthwhile to think of the "late bloomer" concept.

Think of the archetypal protagonist. Confronted with serious conflict, this character faces terrible odds until finally overcoming a personal disaster.

Let's think of a worthwhile goal - to set our weakest protagonist against insurmountable challenges. Then, when we allow them to succeed, let’s make their success a victory for society. For example, we might feature the bravery of a Ukrainian soldier.

Meanwhile, as writers, it's never too late to become a late bloomer.

Bruce Cook


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