Dr. Taher Kagalwala

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Name                                :   Dr. Taher Y. Kagalwala

Age                                   :   42/Male

Qualifications                   :   M.D. (Paediatrics), D.C.H.

Designation                      :   Consulting Paediatrician and Neonatologist

Positions Held                  :   Hon. Paediatrician-

                                                      Masina Hospital

                                                      Habib Hospital

                                                      Dholkawala Maternity Home   

Clinic Address                  :   Dr. Kagalwala’s Child Care Clinic

                                              53/1st Fl., Patel Arcade,

                                              234, Bellasis Road,

                                              Opp. Hotel Sagar,

                                              Nagpada, Mumbai, India

                                              Pin: 400008

Residence                             Mazgaon, Mumbai, India



Web-site                            :   http://drtaherforkids.com

E-mail address                   :  drtaher.ol24@hathway.com


Accomplishments and Awards


Up to Graduation Level:


1.      Had distinction in S.S.C. with 75.7% in March 1975

2.      Stood 14th in the Merit List at the XIIth Std. Exams from Pune Divisional Board in April 1977

3.      Secured Distinctions in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, P.S.M., Medicine and Surgery exams in the various M.B.B.S. examinations between 1977 and 1981 at the Seth G.S. Medical College, Parel.


Post-Graduation Level:


4.      Stood 1st from among the Interns at the Annual Competitive Exam on Leprosy conducted by the Acworth Leprosy Hospital and Research Centre, 1982.

5.      Secured the Highest Total Marks in Practicals and Overall Total and awarded 2 gold medals at the D.C.H. examinations conducted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai in April 1985.

6.      Worked as a House-Physician, Registrar and Lecturer in different wards in the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology at the K.E.M. Hospital in Parel between March 1983 and December 1987. During this interval, I acquired recognised Teaching Experience of 3 1/2 years under Drs.N.B.Kumta, M.D.Shah, and S.F. Irani.

7.      Was awarded the Best Resident Doctor Award by the K.E.M. Hospital in 1985.

8.      Stood 1st among the M.D. (Pediatrics) candidates appearing at the University of Mumbai in October 1986.

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Experience in Practice and Further Achievements:


1.      In private practice since July 1987.

2.      Hon. Pediatrician at the above-mentioned Hospitals since many years, and have acquired wide experience in all aspects of Pediatrics, including Neonatology, Genetics, Nutrition, Infectious Diseases, Immunisations, Respiratory Illnesses including Asthma, etc.

3.      Was appointed by the E.S.I.S as their Hon. Pediatrician in 1987 and up until 1989.

4.      I have my own consulting rooms at Nagpada where all forms of preventive, educational, and curative services are administered daily.

5.      In Life’s own laboratory, I am a father to two daughters, whose upbringing is educative and inspiring as well to me in my Clinical Work.



Publications and Presentations:


Over 15 publications in reputed and Indexed Medical Journals, besides participation in net-based Pediatric Web-sites in the form of case-presentations, discussions, etc.


Academic orientation has enabled me to help in conducting seminars and conferences from time to time.


Extra-curricular Interests:


My interests include Astronomy, Parenting, Cooking, Writing, Indoor Games like Scrabble, Badminton and Table tennis, and many others.

My writing is at http://www.Writing.com/authors/drtaher




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