Welcome, instructors! Please note we do not register and publish youth under age 13. We hope you will find AuthorMe.com valuable when you familiarize your students with the world of Emerging Writers and the writer's marketplace.


  1. First we are happy to post student work (provided it passes our review). We can post this on our main pages (see below) or we can set up a custom page just for your classes. Please let me know if you'd have an interest in this service. We will establish a password-protected presence for you, and will help to keep things in order. Perhaps, at the end of the term, you'd like to release exceptional student works to the Author-me listings. This would be completely optional.

  2. Another exciting exercise lends itself well to extra credit points since there is something of a contest involved. Have students compete by sending a new paragraph to www.storythread.com (part of AuthorMe.com). StoryThread is an interactive writing experience many young writers really enjoy. Whichever students get their paragraph posted on StoryThread get an extra credit point!

  3. We are also prepared to give students an interactive experience with Emerging Writers in the USA and in many other countries. Each manuscript lists a "Comments Link" which your students can use to email a critique to any author. Perhaps you could assign students to critique one or more works, and then hand in the emailed responses they receive in return. (Note: it's best if they ask for return comments. Also, note that some writer addresses have gone bad since the writers have dropped their old address or simply not maintained it. Students will have more success with the "comments links" if they write to authors near the top of the list.)

The best pages to use for this are:

    www.author-me.com                                         Main page

    www.author-me.com/titles.htm                        Fiction, nonfiction, satire, character studies, etc.

    www.authorme.com/poetry.htm                       Poems

    www.author-me.com/nonfiction.htm                Nonfiction

    www.author-me.com/countrypage.htm             International titles by country

    www.author-me.com/poetryscams.htm             Poetry Scam Tracker Reports

    www.lit-talk                                                        Lit-Talk Discussion Board

We are here to nurture Emerging Writers, and would be glad to help your professional efforts in this direction. Please let me know how we can help you!

Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.

Publisher, The Author-me.com Group


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