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Linda Alexander has written and published two non-fiction biographies, "The Unpromised Land" (1994) and "Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X" (1999). In 2002, her 1st fiction book has met the public eye, "Until Next Time." She's written for publication for over 15 years, for such newspapers and magazines as The Washington Times, Soap Opera Update, and Spotlight Magazine.

She's fascinated by the human spirit, and finds character studies -- of real people as well as those from her imagination -- to be the most fascinating topics. She's interviewed and written pieces on many well-known folks, including film stars: Robert Taylor, Peter Coyote, and Jim Varney; on oldies musical performers: Gary Puckett, Tiny Tim, Dion, and Bobby "The Monster Mash" Pickett; on TV actors: Michael Cole from "Mod Squad" fame, Linda Dano and Michael Zaslow from daytime TV dramas; and even contemporary Christian musicians, Dallas Holm and Steve Camp.

Her writing branched out into public speaking, with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, and appearances at film star conventions. About five years ago, Linda discovered through her fascination with genealogy that her great-great grandmother was the daughter of a freed Louisiana slave. This led her to dig deeper into her family history and, of course, write about it. In April, 2000, a Sunday magazine cover article for The Baton Rouge [LA] Advocate newspapers was published, complete with photos, revealing for the 1st time in her family's history its mixed race heritage. She has since done public speaking on multicultural genealogy, racism as it exists today, and her desire to see us all come together.

Linda lives in the Washington, DC suburbs with her pilot husband and their elderly fat cat, Nigel. They have five grown sons living in various parts of the United States. She hopes that her association with will offer help and hope to writers trying to understand and make their way into and around the confusing world of writing for publication.


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