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The Editors

By joining and its sister websites,, (added 6/04) , (added 6/04), hereinafter referred to as the Group, I hereby agree as follows:

I give the Group  permission to publish my work on one or both of its websites. If my work is copyrighted, the Group  may post the Copyright notice with the work providing that the Copyright-holder notifies the Group  about the copyright. The Group  provides a space that is connected to a server. This server will send and receive information for the purpose of exposing your work to readers who may critique your work and otherwise encourage your writing career. All services are at the option of the Group .

While the purpose of this website is to help you publish your work, we make no guarantees whatsoever regarding the success of our method. Also, while the websites attempt to promote your work internally, it is possible that some work will receive better positions or promotional space. Furthermore, some writing will contain content that we have complete freedom to reject.

This service may only be utilized for lawful purposes, and the usage of the service in connection with or adjunct to any matter or thing which violates any municipal, state or federal statute or regulation is prohibited. Including but not limited to those principles of law which protect against compromise of copyrights, trade secrets, proprietary information and other intellectual property rights, libel or defamation of character. Customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless and its sister website,  and its owners harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, causes of actions, losses or damages (including legal fees) arising from the usage by Customer of the services.

In the event that the Group  may at any time believe the service is being utilized by the Customer in contravention with the terms and provisions of the Service Usage and/or the law, the Group  may immediately discontinue the service to Customer without any liability.

With respect to the service to be provided, Customer acknowledges that the Group  makes no warranties whatsoever, express, or implied.

As a result, Customer agrees that the Group  shall not be liable to Customer for any claims or damages which may be suffered by Customer, including, but not limited to, losses or damages resulting from the loss of data as the result of delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by the fault or negligence of the Group or its agents.

Customer further affirms that he or she has attained an age of at least 13 years old.

The utilization of any data or information received by Customer from the utilization of the services to be provided by the Group  is at the Customer's sole and absolute risk. The Group  specifically disclaims and denies any responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or quality of information obtained from the Customer for the service to be provided.

By joining the Group, .the Customer has complete and full understanding of this agreement and is legally bound to the contents mentioned throughout this agreement.

NOTE:  On April 21, 2000 an age limitation was added to this contract. On May 21,2000 our new sister website,, was added to the contract. For questions or these or any other areas, please write (For mail, please write P.O. Box 451, Dundee, IL  60118.)

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