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Author Africa 2007

The gift of successful writing has again brought to the forefront the creative minds of nine talented, African writers whose skills are reflected through out the pages of "Author Africa 2007." These brilliant writers have demonstrated through their works that "the pen is mightier than the sword," their creativity and their craft of writing is like a flower garden beginning to bloom……….inspiring and intriguing!

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David C. Cook III

Jenny Wren


A Biblical Chronicle

Present tense stories Bible times by Jenny Wren (Lois Blashak) and the late David C. Cook III

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Omer Eltayib Habibi

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The Bone of My


Oryem Onguti Loguca (Sudan)

Whatever is portrayed in this work, one can look into our daily mirror of life, which we shall, indeed share, because of our common origin and appreciation of life. In the midst of all our sufferings, life ought to be carried on. Those who sing the dirges of such traumatized nations are; orphans, widows, refugees, disabled, AIDS victims and the displaced. From the street corners, refugee camps, funeral homes, bus stations, market squares, and deserted villages, we shall sing our songs, on our own behalf and for our ancestors who are long gone before us. If we can fix ourselves in these few pages of The Bone Of My Heart, let us do it!

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The mission of is to offer hope to writers that go unnoticed in the publishing world. 

          - Kathy Hartwell    (Bio)




This site is dedicated to the memory of

 David C. Cook III




Issue Seven of Crossing Borders Magazine - virtual literature journal - is now available online. The magazine is edited by Becky Ayebia Clarke, publishing the creative work; short stories and poetry of around 36 Crossing Borders participants over a year.

This edition includes:

Introduction by Becky Ayebia Clarke
'Independent Publishing: Targeting a Culturally Diverse Niche' by Becky Ayebia Clarke

'The Hunger' by Blessing Musariri

'The Love Within' by Hazel Couvaras

'Leaving on a Jet Plane' by Stephen Mugambi

'The Rule of the Game' by Jackee Budesta Batanda

'Mavambo: The Beginning' by Batsirai Easther Chigma

'I Am' and 'Tread Lightly' by Fungai Machirori



Vista - A highly-specialised MONTHLY magazine which will soon go into circulation from Lagos, Nigeria, is looking for columnists from all over the world in the following areas:

1. INSIDE ASIA (a column that looks at developments in the Asian continent, with particular attention paid to cultural issues). 2. SITES [ancient ruins and sites, archaeology, Egyptology, world heritage sites, etc]. 3. MOVIE REVIEW/MUSIC REVIEW 4. GAMES (Sudoku, Awale, football, etc methods and rules of play). 5. GARDENING 6. PETS. 7. FARMING 8. DISCOVERY (A look at trends, speculations and breakthroughs in technological and medical research e.g. The Semantic Web, the new Airbus A380). 9. THE COSMOS (space exploration, galaxies, astronomy). 10. UNDERWATER. 11. CARTOONIST/ARTIST

Interested writers should send an email, indicating area(s) of interest to for guidelines, following which they will be required to send in two sample articles, following the guidelines they will be given. Payment will be per every article used.


     Your kids will delight in the timeless tales of courage, faith & endurance with characters like Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Apostles.

    Our truly unique DVD's bring biblical stories and characters to life. The Animated Kids Bible will cement their favorite biblical stories and characters in their memories for all time, by first entertaining them, and then helping them to develop deeper understanding and knowledge. Click here


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Port Sudan Journal, by Victor Lugala (Sudan)  Posted 2/3/07

The end of my journey to Port Sudan was the beginning of yet another torturous journey in my life. This sea side city was like a large open prison. The common stereotype here held that, a stranger who enters the port remains shackled to the strings of an octopus in the sea bed. I refused to believe it but at the same time I was wary of the thought. I didn’t come here to sentence myself to life prison, anyway.


A Brief Visit Back to  Britannicus, by Leslie Weddell (UK)  Posted 2/3/07

In the 400 years (or thereabouts) that the mighty conquering Roman Army occupied the mainland of 'Britannicus' (better known today as Britain) all they wanted to do after a hard decade or two of killing, pillaging and raping the whole place, was to just settle down to a quiet life of ruling the country.


God Talks to Abraham, by Jenny Wren (USA)  Posted 2/4/07

I can just imagine God looking down from the Heavens upon His creation in the 2000's as He talks with Abraham of Old Testament days. Abraham stands beside God while He ponders His once-great creation, earth; the creation which had thrilled His heart. Now He sees what it has become.



Rwanda - France:  Ill Diplomatic Relations, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway)   Bio   Posted 1/20/07

The year 2006 ended up with cutting ties between Rwanda and France. This is a result of an unsolved conflict of more than a decade. No doubt, there my have some victims who suffered in one way or another because of this broken relationship.


Faith and Crime in an Old and Civilised World, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway)   Bio   Posted 1/14/07

Before the arrival of western religion to many African and Asian countries, those countries had their own manor of faith. The influence of western faith as a new culture has made many positive and negative changes in traditions/cultures in many countries, especially poor ones.



Nandi's Grief, by Jane Musoke-Nteyafas (Uganda)  Posted 1/6/07

Namusoke was gorgeous. She was God’s African masterpiece. Her skin was a beautiful combination of dusky black skies and golden kisses. Her large almond-shaped brown eyes, were so dark, they looked like black jewels. They were eyes that always seemed to be laughing.


The House of Khol, Chapter 2, by Sonny Azeez (Nigeria) Posted 1/14/07

"Poor child, she must have almost danced herself to death," said one of the chubby women standing over Cartelia’s unconscious body. Their complexions were pale and their cheeks, rosy, as if it was in a constant state of blushing. They both had their hands folded in front of their laps and stood at the same height. The only difference between them lay in their eyes. Prudy had green, slanting eyes, while Nuby had deep, blue almond eyes.


Gobah and the Killer Healers, by Bob G. Kisiki  (Uganda) Posted 1/6/07

They were taking one such walk one day, when the sun went down on them. They were very far away from home, and Marla started to panic. ‘We’ll be fine, Marla dear,’ her brother comforted her.


USA - America, Write for Us!

Write a How-To First, by Patricia L. Fry  (USA)  Posted 1/28/07

Are you eager to write a novel, a memoir or a children’s book, but you are intimidated by the enormity of the task? If you’ve done your research, you know that publishing is a daunting undertaking. And there are no guarantees that your book will be successful.


Eldercare - In the Life-Care Home, by Jenny Wren (USA)  Posted 1/29/07

1. Do not look at me when you see drool sliding down my chin, unnoticed by me. Instead of turning up your nose, why not get a tissue and gently wipe my chin for me. (I would for you, if the roles were reversed.)


Reaching An Loc, by Alfredo G. Herrera (an author-me paperback) - excerpt of Chapter 1 Posted 1/1/07

In basic training, our Drill Sergeant was, what I thought, a large black Staff Sgt E5. I remember him because he had a long scar on his left cheek. We were very scared of him and thought he was the biggest guy we had ever seen.


The Funeral - July 1964, Chapter 33 from More Than Life Itself, a Memoir by Diane Stark (McConnell) Sanfilippo Posted 2/4/07   Foreword by Gen. David A. Bramlett   Table of Contents   Prologue  

In June Billy received his promotion to first Lieutenant, and with that came a sizeable pay raise, which enabled us occasionally to eat more than hamburger and tuna, and to buy ice cream and cokes.


A Plowing Memory of Yore, by Jenny Wren (USA) Posted 12/23/06

Stranger than Fiction, by Sharif Khan  Posted 12/12/06

A Hilly Bill Tale, by Jenny Wren  Posted 11/17/06

Leadership Lessons from Pope John Paul II, by Sharif Khan  Posted 9/17/06

The German Nuisance, by Cora Ann Metz  Posted 9/17/06


Conflict in Eastern Congo (DRC)  - Peace Perspectives, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway)  Posted 12/24/06

Elections Towards Peace and Stability

In D.R. Congo, by Rutagengwa Claude Shema (Norway) Posted 9/30/06

Tradition in Gumra Village, by Niala Maharaj (Netherlands)  Includes "Genesis of a Short Story." Posted 4/16/06



The Holy Warrior, by David L. Lukudu (Sudan)  Revised 1/10/07

A Taste for Eggs, by Chaltone Tshabangu   (Zimbabwe) (Selected for Author Africa 2007) Posted 12/16/06

Skimmed Chronicles from Paedophilia: It’s a Country, by Nimrod Wambugu (Kenya) Posted 11/5/06

Witness Relocation, by Tinashe Mushakavanhu (Zimbabwe)  Excerpt - scheduled for Author Africa 2007



Last gasp, Priscilla - Chapter 17 - BlackEagle Girls -  a novel by Ken Mulholland (G, Australia)  Posted 12/16/06

Queen Helen of Sparta in the Secret Garden, by Kenneth Mulholland (Australia) Posted 10/21/06


Rehema, by Jane Musoke-Nteyafas (Excerpt from Novel) (Canada) Posted 4/1/06

A Son's Love, by Evans Kinyua  (Kenya)  Revised 9/30/06

Key to Success: 10 Success Tips for Maximum Achievement, by Sharif Khan  Posted 10/1/06

Going Home, by V. U. Umelo  (Nigeria) Selected for Author Africa 2007 Posted 8/27/06

Tropical Paradise, by Evans Kinyua  (Kenya)  Posted 8/26/06

Married to the Lord, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyeama (Nigeria) Posted 8/26/06

Tenant in the City, by Clarius Ugwuoha (Nigeria)  Posted 8/5/06

The Collector of Lives, by Lauri Kubuitsile (Botswana) Scheduled for Author Africa 2007  Posted 7/22/06

God Is My Rock, Chapter 5 of The Shadows of Yesterday, by Carmen Pena   Posted 8/26/06

 A Night so Damp, by Uche Peter Umez (Nigeria)   Posted 7/22/06

The True Winners, by Henry Onyeama (Nigeria)  Posted 7/21/06


Between April and July 1994, Rwanda went through one of History‘s darkest periods; an estimated more than one million Rwandans were brutally killed by fellow Rwandans in a very systematic state planned genocide unheard of in recent history

Confronted with the prospect of sharing power with exiles fighting for the right of return, the regime in Kigali at the time marshaled all its resources, including masses in Rwanda ’s country side and mobilized them to kill in groups so that none would be individually held responsible for genocide at the end of the day.


The Warrior's Last Job, by Ken N. Kamoche Extract of story for Author Africa 2007 Posted 7/15/06 

Cyril, by Leslie Weddell   Posted 7/15/06


Africa Report -   Raïs Neza Boneza 

Transcend Africa Report

Ghettoization of African Literature

International Migration

Development of Africa vs. Others


War and The HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Rwanda: Conflict, Genocide

Sudanese Internal Displaced People

Rwanda: Child Rights Associations & Youth Movements

Rwanda : Gacaca Jurisdictions


Jesus' Style in Aliat, Darfur

Letter to a Faint Heart, by John Oryem (Sudan)  Posted 2/25/06

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Issue Eight of Crossing Borders magazine  is now available online. The magazine is edited by Becky Clarke, publishing the creative work; short stories and poetry of around 36 Crossing Borders participants over a year. 


This edition includes:

  • Introduction by Becky Ayebia Clarke

  • Feature article 'Facilitating a Creative Writing Workshop' by Véronique Tadjo

  • 'Where is the Rain?' short story by Wame Molefhe from Botswana

  • 'Reversed Roles' short story by Stephen Mugambi from Kenya

  • 'The Blue Bible' short story Grace Maguri from Zimbabwe

  • 'Seasoning' short story by Stanley Gazemba from Kenya

  • 'A Song of Africa and Other Poems' poetry by Fredrick Mulapa from Zambia.


 Urban Books presents its new Christian Fiction imprint, Urban Christian. Urban Books is an African American publishing company that has a distribution deal with a major publishing house, Kensington Publishing. With over 50 authors published under “Urban Books” (street meets drama) and its newest imprint, “Urban Soul” (women’s fiction), Urban Books is now adding Christian fiction to its repertoire. Through this divine journey of moving stories, Urban Christian is the voice that will take the Urban Books readers to another level; the spiritual side of the craft.

URBAN CHRISTIAN Writing Guidelines:

Genre: Christian/Inspirational fiction
Fiction Manuscript word length: Range of approximately 65,000 - 85,000 words
Manuscript pages: Range of approximately 260-300 pages


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Read...  Northern Uganda: Ugandan Artists Continue to Speak Out, by By Jane Musoke-Nteyafas


Mazwi Edu Writer’s Project

Stanley Makuwe, a Zimbabwean writer living in Auckland, New Zealand together with Tinashe Mushakavanhu a writer living in Zimbabwe have organised a writing competition titled Mazwi Edu (Our Voices) to try and assist disadvantaged unpublished writers living in Zimbabwe.
There is little new coming out of Zimbabwe and one way to encourage people to write is by introducing a competition. The ethos of the competition is less about winning but more about creating space for a new generation of Zimbabwean writers. Mazwi Edu Writers Competition is committed to supporting the development of Zimbabwean Literature.   Write Tinashe


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Epilogue to Consolation (Vol. 3) of Varlarsaga, by Ken Mulholland (Australia)  Posted 7/24/05

A whole new world, marvelled Minca as she stood, her arms linked within those of her husband to be Mendor and her once-upon-a-time suitor Mysingir, whilst they gazed out at eventide to an earth no longer Varlar, so much was it altered. Hey! I think it can be a grand place, if peace is sown instead of war. Then we'll have a new age, a First Age of a new world. I wonder what those of great import will name it?


The Legend of Taarna, adapted by Adam W. Smith
Revised 1/31/06


They were almost to the rim when the earth shook violently beneath them.  Their eyes widened in terror as enormous founts of steaming, sulfurous green lava were suddenly ejected from the crater above them and swept down the mountainside in inescapable waves.




Shortlisted for the 2004 Caine Prize for African Writing...

Strange Fruit by Monica Arac de Nyeko (Uganda) (Submitted for the prize by AuthorMe Feb. 2004)

See article - The Guardian  (Lagos, Nigeria)

It’s evening in my dream. The Kitgum sun has disappeared behind the hills. Dry leaves crash under my bare feet as I race among the yaa trees at the foot of Kidi Guu hills, looking for Mwaka. Burnt tree stumps and thorn bushes let me through their sheltered trunks with a few scratches and cuts. The looming night falls upon the lush and short shrubs inch by inch. I am alone and frightened. I need to find my husband. I need to sniff that familiar fruity scent in his breath. I need to touch his unblemished face.


"Highly Commended" in  the Caine Prize

for African Writing...

Remember Atita, by Jackee Budesta Batanda (Uganda) (Submitted for the prize by AuthorMe Feb. 2004)

2003. The photo of my past lies in my hands with the edges torn. It’s brown with age. It doesn’t shine under the fluorescent light above the fading ‘Divine Mercy’ shop signpost. We are quite a number seated on tattered mats along the shop veranda. Further down the veranda, music is blaring from a transistor radio. I pass the photo to Okema who sits cross-legged. I’m trying to explain to him the reason I’ve travelled back to Gulu town to search for the girls in the photo. We sit on the veranda because it’s safer to spend the night in the town. The LRA rebels don’t cross to Gulu town. They restrict their activities to the villages....






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