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Character Snapshots






Mother Moon, by Gbenga Adeosun (Nigeria) children's story Posted 5/20/06

The President, by Valentine Ukachukwu Umelo (a novel for teens)  Posted 4/10/05

The Prize Egg, by Victoria Costanzo  Posted 3/12/05

Angelstitch, Children's story by Jill L. Mueller   Posted 2/5/05

Coming of Age, by Steve Gladstone  

A young man of rational thought returns home for a semester break only to find that life is not as rational as he was taught to believe at school. His next stop: The Twilight Zone.

Fred & His Flea Family, by Bidgette Jochem    

Mrs. Begonia's Garden Party, by Bidgette Jochem   

Chanky Pig, by Jim Fresh 

The Short Tale of Chanky Pig, by Jim Fresh 

The Quest for the Eerie Glow - A Novel for Older Children and Adults Who Haven't Lost Their Magic --  by Simon Marshland --   Removed for Publication. Great work, Simon!

The Trouble with Magic --   Click here for Previous Sections

Chapter Two, by John T. Van Horn 

The Adventures of Silvie and Her Magic Oak Leaf, by Julie E. Lee 

Children's Poetry

A Yellow Jellow WHAT...?, by Jay J. Kaylin (see children's poems below) 


Spring Fever, by Corey Metz 

The Profundity of Madness, by Robert Edward Levin 

The Demise of the Suit, by Tina Portelli  

Can Armstrong Be Stopped, by Jack R. Noel   

Bush Secures 'Local Control', Satire by Corben Harper

God to Answer Plagiarism Charges, Satire by Corben Harper

Lap Sitting Threatens US Economy, Satire by Corben Harper

Satire by Corben Harper  

  • Provocateur Today Newspaper:
  • The LIES Epidemic
  • Civil Rights Prevention Symposium
  • Freedom: Its Causes and Cures
  • More!

Character Snapshots

Study of the Public, by Bubakin

Friend, by Elaine 

Abby, by Nicole Pyburn   

Tippies, by Bob Webb   

McGarvey, by Mary Crum

Trio of Vignettes , by Simon Marshland

Screenplays/Stage Plays

For Deborah, bySteven Dover

The Deli on Main Street, by Gabriel Magno 

Second Honeymoon, by Lynnette Rees 

The Ride that is Marriage (Monologue), by Andrew Walters 

Death Row Mamma, by Kathleen Sullivan  (dramatic fiction) 

Education, by Gabriel Magno (monologue) 

Train Travels, by Gabriel Magno  (a short stage play) 

Long Hair, by Gabriel Magno (monologue) 

Death Row, by Gabriel Magno  (a stage play) 

The Trooper, A Screenplay by Madeline Vercher   

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Diane Oatley (born 1960, Greenwich, Conn.) has lived in Oslo Norway since 1982.and works with literature and dance in a number of capacities, among these as a poet, freelance writer, dance critic, translator and teacher/performer of Oriental Dance. Expressions of the (feminine) body has been an ongoing focus in her dance practice and writing the latter in the form of both essays, criticism and poetry published in newspapers, periodicals and in book form in Scandinavia, USA and Great Britain. She holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Oslo.

 - Diane Oatley




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