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Study of the Public

By Bubakin


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A poignant, excruciating note, like the scream of a dying angel, was emitted from the speakers.  It was followed by a brief but effective drum solo, which escalated to shocking speeds and was almost imperceptibly joined by low vocals.  The road was wet and slick, and the pitched rain assaulted the cars like countless ineffective suicide bombers.  Which lead the more meaningful existence, the man whose anonymity is complete the moment his gravedigger is paid or the raindrop that gives its own essence in the name of the continuation of natural law?  Every snowflake, tear, and dewdrop is so much more glorious than our hero, Jonathan Blakely, who is at this point in time living on the edge by setting the cruise control of his white Ford Taurus to the dangerous speed of 74 miles per hour.  Our driver is a man of middling height, middling attractiveness, middling personality, middling intelligence, and a fascinating obsession with his favorite soap opera and the day-to-day lives of various celebrities.  All in all, Jonathan Blakely was a spectacularly ordinary man.  He felt stylish in his new and fashionable clothes and he only enjoyed reading books if they were autobiographies by famous people whose only writing credentials were the celebrity brought on by how well they acted or played a given sport.
      When alone or with other white friends (which describes all his friends), Jonathan, whose father is a reasonably successful lawyer, enjoys listening to rap music.  Jonathan laughs at fat people, and, when he was younger, called his friends "retards."
      Jonathan dislikes homosexuals (unless they are celebrities) and is very nervous and paranoid around racial minorities.
      Jonathan often wears a "Bad to the Bone" T-shirt under his collared shirt at work, just to show his coworkers what a rebel he is.
      Jonathan proudly declares himself a Christian.  Jonathan has never read the Bible.  Jonathan cannot list the ten commandments.  Despite this, Jonathan believes everyone else is wrong except his own stated religion.
      Jonathan Blakely is an ass.  I want to rip a branch off the Tree of Awareness and beat the living hell out of Jonathan Blakely.
*obviously, this is more of a character study than any sort of story to tell, but I'd still appreciate any comments*

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