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EDUCATION (Monologue)

By Gabriel Magno


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2002 Gabriel Magno


Good morning class. Tomorrow is the big day, so today’s class will be brief. I’d like to present a short dissertation on education. We begin our education from our parents not long after we’re born. Our education then continues throughout our school years. Unfortunately, education for the majority of us ends as soon as we graduate. Our concentration is then focused on getting the best job possible and making as much money as we can while raising a family.

I’m always amazed at the great opportunity we miss to be educated when we go on vacation. In most cases, you book a room in a beachfront hotel. You get up in the morning, have breakfast and in a while you go down to the beach, people serve you drinks, you jump in the water, you go shopping, you have dinner, and if you’re not too tired, you do some dancing and then go to sleep. The next day you get up in the morning, have breakfast and in a while you go down to the beach, people serve you drinks and so on. After a week of this, you go home. You drank too much. You may or may not have rested and relaxed, but you didn’t educated yourself. But hey, it was a big party and you had fun!

I think I’ll spend my next vacation in the desert living with Bedouins for a week. I’ll book a round trip to Cairo, hire an interpreter and a guide with some camels. I’ll buy supplies for myself and some to donate to the Bedouins. I’ll listen to their stories, I’ll talk, eat, drink and sleep with them.

These are true desert people who herd packs of camels through endless miles of unforgiving desert and set up hundreds of tents for their families, and call their tent cities home, but they can’t stay in one location for very long because the stench of garbage, human and animal feces becomes overpowering after a while, so they pack everything up and move to another location some undetermined amount of miles away and set up another tent city and start the cycle all over again for their entire lives and their children’s lives, and their children’s lives and so on... for-ever.

These people have never seen a car. These people, have never seen a building. I think I can learn an enormous amount from people who can live this way and survive. When I get back home, I will have had an amazing vacation, but most of all, I will be more educated.

And so, tomorrow you all graduate certified astronauts courtesy of the United States government and the U.S. tax payers. One year from now, you will be leaving for Mars to begin colonizing the planet for our country. Aside from your research equipment, you’ll only be allowed to take your laptops, CD’s, books, videos and memories. So when you’re given time off from your duties, go out and see the world and educate yourselves.

If you go it alone, you may become lonely. If you do, think of cops. There’s no lonelier person on this earth than a cop, because cops never meet people who are happy to see them. In closing, good luck, God bless you all and God bless the United State Of America. Class dismissed.


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