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By Elaine


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His usually sparkling, clear green eyes looked down at me through his

mop of shiny blonde curls. His long twisted bangs, rain soaked, hung down over

his forehead, almost to the bridge of his nose. Today, my best friend’s

eyes were not sparkling and the crinkles that were forever at their corners were not

there, because he was not smiling the way he always did. His small triangular chin

slightly trembled every so often. His normally full lips were tightened, finishing off

the statement that I did not recognize.


His 5’4’’ body seemed shorter today. His muscular frame was smaller and

frailer than I had ever seen it before. I watched his hands as he

shoved them deeper and deeper into his pockets, as if he would find them full of hope

instead of his wallet full of nothing but his temporary license.


I looked back up at his eyes and surveyed them as they changed from

defiant and determined, to surrender and sadness, and finally welled with

tears. I reached up and put my arms around his neck. He urgently pulled his hands out of

his pockets, letting go of the imaginary hope in them, and buried his head into my

shoulder. I felt his once sea green eyes turn to a torrential downpour. I held him until

he finally pulled away, and looked at me. His eyes finally sparkled, but this time

because of the left over tears in them. The crinkles around his eyes were back as

he tried his best to force a smile from somewhere deep within him.

“My life finally fell apart today,” he murmured.


“I know,” I gently whispered, and, arms around each other, we walked

aimlessly away from where we had been standing, and watched the rainbow

form above us.


By Elaine

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