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The Trouble With Magic
written by
John T. Van Horn
To Jeff, Nick, Roman, and Kirby. Thank you for believing I could do this.

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Chapter II:
Where in the Blazes am I ?
    We leave off when Jeff is deposited in a rather large forest. He has no idea where he is. Jeff feels a weight on his back, looks, and sees a backback.


"A backpack?!" says Jeff, "I don't remember bringing a backpack!"


He pulls off the backpack, sits on the ground, and opens the backpack. He shuffles through it's contents. In the backpack are four stones and a note addressed to 'Jeffrey Hooker of the Land of Reality'. A red stone, a white stone, a gold stone and a silver stone.
"Colored stones? I wonder what they do. And the note..."


Jeff recites the note:



    Welcome to Mordavia. I am the Oracle, teller of fortunes, spell-caster extrordinaire. The Fates and I knew you would come...I suppose you will meet them on your quest to find your friends. Mordavia means "Evil Valley" in Russian. I guess you have found the magical stones already. Each will transport you to a different land when you rub it. I won't tell you which is which, though, that would be cheating. Your friends are transported is your job to find them. I know you can succeed...


                                                                                                           The Oracle

"Ash?! Nick?! Where are you guys!!"


There is no response, Jeff's voice just echoes off into the forest. Jeff travels farther in the forest, getting nowhere. He thought about the stones. Jeff picks a random stone from his backpack. It was the white one. He rubs it...and...another portal appeared! He stepped in the portal and transported him to a land of iced-over mountains and a lot of snow.
" it cold here! I have got to find something warmer to wear!"

Will he freeze to death? Read "Chapter III" to find out...