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The Lessening, by L.P Sloan (G) Posted 4/11/04

Mother's Music, by Sonny Sherry Brigger (G) - Posted 4/4/04

Living Lonely, by Tina Portelli (G) - Posted 4/4/04

Greek Earthquake, by Raina (G) Posted 4/4/04

The Song of Steel, by W.R. Logan (PG) - Continuing

Peter Morgan, by Les Baker (PG-13) - Posted 3/27/04

The Birth of A.I., by Lord Rago Pulse (G) - Posted 3/29/04

A Brief and Fading Shadow, by Valerie Bradley-Holliday - (PG-13)3Posted 3/21/04

Homey and Familiar Things, by Valerie Bradley-Holliday - (PG-13) Posted 3/21/04

My Brother, My Hero, by Jana' Gilstrap - (G)) Posted 3/21/04

Beneath a seraph’s façade lies the true fiend, by Abdulla Bin Hamad (U.A.E.)

The Chicago Relay, by L.P. Sloan - (G) -  Posted 3/20/04

In the Woods, by Jeremy Lewis (G) Posted 3/14/04

Unreasonable Progress, by J. Wilder - (PG-13)  Posted 3/13/04

Darkness, by Curtis Grace - (G)  Posted 3/13/04

Like a Shattered Dish, by Valerie Bradley-Holliday (PG-13) Posted 1/25/04

The Old-Timer's Dream, by Clem Caufield (G) Posted 1/25/04


The End of Two Worlds, by Chris Cohron (PG-13)

Lily was Here, by Jerri Willmore

A Beautiful Smile, by Barbara Mather (G)

The June Bug Dance, by Jo Ann Garvin (G)

And the Beat Goes On, by Sharon Lumley

Simple Pleasures, by Jennifer Ratliff

Spontaneous Human Combustion, by Jayne Nagy (nagymom)

Powers, by Brian Boyd, Thailand (G)

From Darkness into Light, by Larry McCrea (G)

Lightning Bugs Demise, by Margaret Gabe

An Inkling of AuthorMe, by Ken Mulholland

Marlea's Story, by Marlea Karns (G)

Lytron, Chapter One,  by Jim Colombo

The Seven Day Masquerade, by Brian Boyd  (G)

Larf is Lark a Box o' Cho-co-lates, by Kenneth Mulholland (G)

Kids, by Elaine Davis  (PG)

Disturbed Happiness, by Kevin Hazelwood (PG)

Samantha, by Adina Bernstein (G)

Twenty-Five Candles, by Adina Bernstein (G)

The Box, by Adina Bernstein (G)

The Smiling Child of the Equator, by Rais Neza Boneza (Norway) (G)

Butins de Chair, by Rais Neza Boneza (Norway)  (G)

Ghosts in the Attic, by Reid Hoke (G)

Ten Pesos and the Seven Heavens, by Jason Paul Laxaman (Philippines)  (G)

The Eleven Rainbow Drive, by J. William Geldson  (G)

The Ghost, the Ghoul and the Goblin, by Brian Boyd  (G)

Ditto Kiddo, by Rena Williams (Managing Editor,  (G)

The Lighthouse, by Lee Weetman (England)  (G)

Siberian Cappuccino, Part 1, by  Salmon Friscia  (G)

Morrigan - Prologue, by Zoey Martin  (G)

Ghostworld, by Craig Roberts

Older and Wiser, by Tamika Morris

The Rules, by Lee Weetman  (England)


Angry Chair, by Mubashir Noor  (Pakistan)   

I Will Wait for You, by Curtis Grace   

The Liaison, by Dyah Koncorwati  (Indonesia)   

The Dance, by Nicholas Kladky   

Bliss, by Aston Davis

Is there any Choice?, by Annet Mukasa

Emily, by Tina Portelli    

Impression, by Carmen Rizea Barbos 

My Hero and Shakespeare, by Tina Portelli 

The Shadow, by Lee Weetman 

I Had Been an Ordinary Boy, by Tyler R 

"Blue Eyes" Vincenzo, by Jason Nelson 

Inside the Turtle, by Dan R. Arman 

The Forsaken Warrior, by Kel Cooper 

The Saga of Hollow Sons, by Gren Asaad

A Love Story, by Gene (Rick) Maze Revised 9/28/02

Knight & Maiden, by Gene (Rick) Maze   

Katie's World, by Barbara Williamson-Wood 

September 11, 2001, by Curtis Grace   

About a Girl, by Intan Daniel 

Hacked, by Leoman Valloway 

Fatima's Hand, by Salmon Friscia 

Gazing at the Moon, by John Clinbrohf 

Eyes of Ebony, by Bubakin

Irvin, by Bubakin

Dead Air Diaries, by RAM

Give Your Heart to God, by Huste  

Time Corrupted Co., by Kenny Moore  

Why Are the Lights Always On?, by Kenny Moore  

Dreams True Form, by Jessie Duncan

Cocoon, by Holly Sismore

...And Everything Goes Black, by Darcy Metz

A Holiday to Remember, by Paula Jayne Timms

Life's Like This, by Curtis Grace

Story of a Girl, by Curtis Grace

94 Year Itch, by Derek Fisher

Journey, by Agnes Marquez 

Luigi's Marriage, by Jim Colombo 

The Irony, by Dyah Kuncorowati

Crow Talk, by Salmon Friscia 

Grassroots, by Agnes Marquez 

Capiz, by Agnes Marquez 

I Can Feel Your Heartbeat, by Kat Smith

Hair Color Eleven, by Nolan Webb (Japan) 

The Battle by Schatten, by Owen Trott 

Heaven and Helda, by Caribbean Spice 

A Letter, by Alvin Vista 

Vampires, by Meagan Richards  

A Fish Story, by Jerry Janofsky 

Just one of those Days for - A Navy Sailor, by James Lewis, USN 

How to Lose 100 Pounds in One Day (Excerpt), by James Lewis, USN  

When She Sleeps, by Yalonda Smith 

Perfection Can't be so Easy, by BooBoo Glass 

The Way of the Ant, by Afriyie Assamany    

A Work of Art, by A. Craig Newman  

The Games between Friends, by A. Craig Newman  

The Stopper, by James Bergstad

My Big-Wheel, by Joel Mulkey

Flight on an Airplane, by Judy Bellomy

Girl Child, by Arpita Kumar

From What Country are you Coming From?, by Salmon Friscia 


The Vampire in a Condominium, by L.E. Swainsleigh 


Lifeblood Drainaway Chronicles, by S. Jayant  


Pain, by S. Jayant

Detour Ahead, by Ya'akov

The Bus, by Shiloh Kaeden

Circle of Dragons, Book One, The Beginning of The End,  by Garry Brown

Above the Call of Duty, by Mark'ee Drankard 

Have Some Tea with Me, I Have A Story to Tell You, by Granny Smith 

Close Encounters of the Thirsty Kind, by Jim Colombo 

Each day we confront machines possessing absolute power over us.  They perform services with electronic components and artificial intelligence.    We assume each encounter will be with an obedient machine so that we can

continue with the balance of the day.  Then one day this electromechanical mass  senses a human in a careless, weak moment of need.  The servant rebels and the human has an encounter with artificial intelligence.  Quickly the human discovers the wrath of a machine scorned.

        Recently I tried to buy a plastic bottle of Squirt.  License has been taken, but the battle was real.  Fortunately, I was saved by a youth born in the digital generation.  It was a “Close encounter of the thirsty kind."

Max, by Jim Colombo

I never wanted a dog, especially a small dog, but somehow Max found me five days after the Loma Prieta earthquake shook the San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 1989.

This story accepted for commercial publication.

Control, by Andrew Culligan

Changing of the Guard, book proposal outline by Larry McCrea

Seven Dark Angels, by Kristin Colletti

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

The Lion's Rose, by Cliff Hightower

Spring Fever, by Corey Metz 

A Walk Home, by Andrew Culligan

Spring of New York, by Tanya Visutski 

Thorny Retribution, by Diana Leicht 

Hell is Hot, and the Promised Land Ain't Far, by Joyce Lott 

Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2

Joey's Pasticceria, by Salmon

The Awakening, by Edward Switzer

The Profundity of Madness, by Robert Edward Levin 

Melancholia, by Andrew Fagan 

Mukaram - A Woman ... from the Other Side, by Walid Hikmat 

The Effigy of a Drowned Rat, by L.E. Swainsleigh

The Effigy of a Drowned Rat is a short story from my unpublished collection, Fletcher North. It is a fictionalized account of an experience I had in the summer of 2000.

Electric, by Wisshen 

Not Just Him, by Tina Portelli 

The Deli on Main Street, by Gabriel Magno

London Falling, by L.E. Swainsleigh

London Falling is a short story from my unpublished compilation, Fletcher North. This particular story is a fictionalized account of a very heavy personal experience. Comments and feedback are extremely appreciated!

Jasmine, by Joy Prewitt,

Lucky Punch, by Tina Portelli 

Second Honeymoon (Short Play), by Lynnette Rees 

The Ride that is Marriage (Monologue), by Andrew Walters

Ultraviolet, by De Veer Chappell

Death Row Mamma, by Kathleen Sullivan  (dramatic fiction) 

Listen Up, by James Donnelly

Education, by Gabriel Magno (monologue) 

Short Stories, by Lawrence Kirsch 

A weekly series of short stories.

To Serve

The Professional


The Sign

A Task

A Chance Encounter with Life

Out at the Ballpark, by Alfonso L. Tusa C.

Train Travels, by Gabriel Magno  (a short stage play) 

Long Hair, by Gabriel Magno (monologue) 

Death Row, by Gabriel Magno  (a stage play) 

Father's Touch, by Steven H. Short 

Silence, by Pam Jasper 

The Battle Within, by Jon M. Siegrist 

The Dead Man's Smell, by Steven H. Short 

A story for Valentine's Day.

Dark Waters, by Connor White 

The Scent of Jasmine, by Jim Colombo 

The story takes place in San Diego during 1974.  Rita works in sales for a printed circuit company.  Parone is an ex-marine who is a deputy.  They meet because her client has died before he signed the dotted line.  Rita is in a difficult spot and tries to finesse her way out.  Parone has seen too many fools like the dead john in bungalow 7.  He detests women like Rita who strut when they show their wares.  They never toil. They offer the tease of sexual fantasy while luring a weak fool filled with lust.  They take more than they give. But like the battered bull in a bull fighting ring, Parone charges onward each time he sees red, hoping that this time might be different.

Lost Rebel Gold, by Jim Colombo

 “The Lost Rebel Gold” is a story my grandpa told me several times when I was a child.  Grandpa was a good storyteller and each time he told the story, more characters and events took place.  The story is about stolen rifles traded for stolen gold.  There is a story within the story about the two drifters who didn’t know that that had counterfeit money to buy stolen rifles.  They hid out and stumbled onto the lost gold.  They got caught, escaped a Mexican jail, and their truck ran out of gas close to the Arizona border.  Buzz found them and had the standoff with the Federale.

Forever Yours, by Susannah Farrell 

This is a fictional story about a young woman that was abused by both her father and her boyfriend.  In the story, it seems like it didn't take her very long to realize what was happening to her, but she that is because she was lucky enough to have had the help of another battered woman, a doctor that sought out to help her and didn't let up.


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chelicera, by Jaysen Robert Wolfe 

Dance to the Whisperer, by Steven H. Short 

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


Fools' Creek, by Daniel Hines


Cian, Lost in Romani, by Charley Bridley

Chapter One

Chapter Two


Scandal, by Thomas R. Raley 


The Last Time, by Wilson Marr 


Glasgow Rain, by Craig Farrell 


Nostradamus NOT!, by William E. Mary 


When the Skies Fell Silent, by James Donnelly



The Kingdom by Emma Kaufmann   


Bubble Trouble, by Malcolm Sadler   

Poison Pie! by Sue Samlidis 


Not Quite Friends but Almost Acquaintances by Kristina Sullivan 


Judd and Molly, by Dom Passantino  


Stooge, by JM Stories  



Prologue to a Novel by Shanel Greene 


Indian Hill, by Sam Wood 


Bunnygirl, by Mark R. Brand

Click here for Author's Bio

Golfballs, by David Goodwin

Mind Erasers, by Kristin Colletti 

End of the Run, by Poor Christopher 

The Return of Sebath, by Martin Mason 

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Jack R. Noel - Author Biography - Click here

Wystan at 1:00 AM, by Jack R. Noel

Can Armstrong Be Stopped, by Jack R. Noel  

Friend, by Elaine

Nothing Seems to be Clear Anymore, by Elaine Lee


The Night She Fell in Love, by Kelli Springer 

Bio-Crisis, by Lucifer Thirteen

Busker Two, by Andre Camilerri

Silver Leaf, by Tim Stoltenburg

Shanain, a Folk Tale and Novel by Milli Morgana Crow  

"You see we were farmers, poor but never falling so low to sign a treaty with him. We hoped that it would never come to this for we lived high and far away from his kingdom where no one could touch us and we could live our life in peace. But we were wrong…”

New Boots and Panties, by Phillip Suggars  

Can Armstrong Be Stopped, by Jack R. Noel 

The Last Taxi for Charlie Jack, by Ramon Kwok

Abby, by Nicole Pyburn

Team Player, by Todd Love

DOT, by Wai Ho Lu

Live Fast, by Wayne Green

Afterthought - A Science Fiction Novel (Chapter One), by Bob Webb 

Tippies, by Bob Webb 

Coupla' Days, by J.D. Prickett  

The Trooper, A Screenplay by Madeline Vercher 

The Devil and his Games, by Wai Ho Liu

About Martha, by Wai Ho Liu  

The Philosophy of Nero, by atdi_fiction  

Kiss My Disease, by atdi_fiction

The Curse of the Rose,  by Kirby Killough    (Click here for previous chapters)

Chapters 6 - 7

Chapters 8-9   

Do You Think?, by Casshire

Things Change, by Heather Heartnet

Fortune in a Cookie, by Barbara Mather  

A Dangerous Healing, by Freda Buchner 

A Dangerous Healing is a medical suspense novel about a doctor who returns home after many years only to find that the terrors of her past have been lying dormant, like a deadly virus, awaiting her return. This time, she may not survive.

Chapter 1

Magus IV - Deciding Battles - The Ark Trilogy - Part III, by Jack Pinemonkey   

Note from the author: Please review. I am interested in knowing how you like the characters, the world, and just the whole story in general. I can't wait to hear from you. Thanks a lot!

Magus  - The End, by Jack Pinemonkey  

Note from the author: Please review. I am interested in knowing how you like the characters, the world, and just the whole story in general. I can't wait to hear from you. Thanks a lot!

The Legends of Mathio, by Bob Burlestein  

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

The Battle of Lithia, by Bob Burlestein 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

No Rest for the Wicked: Introduction, by atdi_x

Summary:  The Vega family rules the city of Los Angelos with an iron fist.  The male matriarch of the clan, Gabriel Vega, is considered by many to be both a tyrant and a saint.  His two children, Isis and Virgos, rule alongside him as his equals and his successors.  But, when their power is threatened by a new clan in town a game of murder, deceit, and betrayal ensues as each member of the Vega clan tries desperately to hold onto their prestigious power.

Tuesday, by Andrew Price

Here's a small, brief story I wrote. I'd like some feedback, and I was hoping you guys could supply it. It's very much a work-in-progress, and I'm wondering if I should change certain things. (Ex. the day) Good or bad, I'minterested to see what type of tips/reactions I'll get.

Two Seashells Apart, by * Pretty Star *,  

A beautiful love story dissolves into difficult realities, and a last-minute lunge to go back turns sour. Romeo and Juliet pales in comparison to this modern tale. 

Coming of Age, by Steve Gladstone  

A young man of rational thought returns home for a semester break only to find that life is not as rational as he was taught to believe at school. His next stop: The Twilight Zone.

McGarvey, by Mary Crum


Suzy Sal, by James Montello

Encounter At The Lighthouse, by Steve Gladstone

Nahiliolani, by Ramon Kwok  

“Nahiliolani”   is a fictional story.  Although, Nahiliolani is a fictitious name there are thousands of Nahiliolani’s, in the real world. They have similar names like, Rebecca, Susan, Margaret, and Jean,  who are trapped in the world of drugs. This story is dedicated to all the Nahiliolani’s who become statistics and leave a life time of suffering behind them.  <More>

Searching for Annette, by Colin Laurence

Chapters 1 and 2 of a contemporary novel about one man’s life-long search for the women of his dreams. Please note that sections are written in styles that  reflect various age levels.

Underage Metro Review, by David Goodwin 

The Game, by David Goodwin 

Tupac Shakur, by David Goodwin 

Educating the Innocent, by James Lewis

Artcore, by Harry Banks 

This story is for all the visual artists out there.

Lonely Young Man, by Harry Banks 

Luca & the Boy with the Thorn in His Side, by Christopher Ward 

School, by Mohd. Ghifari Suleiman 

Split Decisions, by Mark'ee Drankard 

Once Had Been, by Matthew Campbell  

Night Death, by Tim Bernhardt  

Strange Bedfellows, by Gary Kato

Post-Modern Blues -- A Novel by Manuel Jimenez 

Post-Modern Blues is in its soul, a simple story about Clara Kobayoshi and Gregorio Cruz, a young couple who fall in love and the fall kills them.  But the story is complicated by the couple’s own history. 

A Genie in a Dream, by Pretty Star  

Armorica - Chapter 1 - by David Moody 

Denial, Family Turmoil - Chapter 1 - by Toni Parker 

From Life to Death, by Sam Hernandez 

Hazel Eyes, by Angela Kasey 

A short story of the time of the troubles in lreland when all was over and the funny parts came about

I Never Saw Him, as told to Angela Byrne 

An Irishwoman of the sixties tells her story

One Night, by Lark Medford 

The Box, by Mason Cole 

Maya (Part One), by R. Saraswat 

A young woman must choose between doing what's right... or living a happy life.

The Driving Test, by Bill Staunton

Escape from my Reality to my Imaginary, by Pretty Star

Taken from Nowhere, by James Liu

Coffee Shop Blues, by Pete Mosse

The Long Journey, by Mark Rees

The Great Aunt, by Kurt Brown

My Mummy's Dead, by Dan R. Arman

Joseph's Courtyard, by M.A. Eppolito

The Doomsday Awakening, by Daniel Forant

Trapped by Sachi, by Midori Sawaki

The Walls of Jericho, by Moress Williams, Jr.

Big Nature, by Richard Whiting

Can Do Anything, by S. Jayant

Henry the Garden Ape & the Purple Swimming Pool, by Inez R. Chaffin  

Lucy's Adventures in DayCare... The First Day, by Inez R. Chaffin  

Mr. Gallagher, by Jim Monaghan  

Meet The Czar, If You Dare, by M. Allen DeRusha  

This is a story written by a lover of dogs, for dog-lovers. Its purpose is to inform and entertain More

One North, by Danny Jenkins 

So Little Time, by Katie McNamara 

True Love, by Dwight Williamson     

Discovery, by Rudy Chase   

Light of the Moon, by Mark Hunter     

Snow Wars, by David A. Bates 

Gray Areas, by Jacquelyn Smith

Bristol, by Reid Hoke  

A Corner of Addiction, by Violet Sarah Love 

Children Far from Home, by Rudy Chase 

Full Circle, by Rudy Chase   

Innocence, by Anna Li -- Click here for Previous Chapters!

Chapter 2  

The Song of the Earth, by Lyra Celestial 

Augh! The Web Fiction Series, by The Cartoonist62

Episode I--The Stealing Spree 

Episode 2--The Mysterious DVD 

The Ancients, by Rudy Chase 

The Nonsense Story, by Andy Coleman

Into the Wastelands, by Andy Coleman

Untitled Fiction, by Don-Ryan

Once Upon a Time, by Darrell J. Strutz

The Forgiveness of Flesh, by Erwin Brea

Through the Eyes of Death, by Jeremy Almeida

Lynn, by Kristen Freeman

The Hamleteers, Part 1, by Mary Cargill 

The Hamleteers, Part 2, by Mary Cargill 

There's Something Strange Down Brian's Drain, by Robert White  

Untitled, by Anna Li

Elevator Memories, by Huste  

Prologue to a Horror Novel, by Joe Sidwell  

On Crafts and Flappadoodle, by S, Jayant 

And World War III Is Among Us, by Shane Stevens

Lightning's Blues, by Dan R. Arman  

What Does God Do on Sunday?, by Susan Leslie

Back Yard, by Michael O'Meara 

Dance Lesson, by B. J. Lawry

Radha: The Life of an Indian Dancer, by R. Saraswat

Stories in San Francisco, by Kira Lee

Bill, by M.A. Eppolito

The Cane, by Ramon Kwok

Planet of the Dead, by Rudy Chase 

Untitled, by Bacarolle 

The Visitor, by Rudy Chase 

As the Clock Runs Down, by Erik Olson 

Untitled, by Mikey 

Days and Nights, by Mark'ee Drankard 

Hit, Run, and Hide by Mark'ee Drankard 

Dead End, by Mark'ee Drankard 

The Chest, by Mark'ee Drankard 

Eventide, by Mark'ee Drankard

The Falling Tree, by J. P. Cross

One Good Turn, by J. P. Cross 

The Moonlight Tryst, by J. P. Cross

Light of the Moon, by Mark Hunter 

The Incident, by Rudy Chase    

The Awakening, by Rudy Chase   

Fingers, by Amy  

Destiny at Hand, by Chet Baker

Stratum, by Michael Francis Glennon

Soft Parting, by Guillermo Arbe 

Mae, by Kate Cilke  

Lazy Summer Afternoons, by Arpita Kumar  

I Am Broken, by Jules Delorme  

One of Ours, by Dylan Krider 

In the Dark, by Windy Tanner   Please help me with your comments!

Sundown, by Eleanor DeHaai  

Fortune City, by Ally Taylor

Rueban's Trial (Part One), by Verneal Maze  

Explode/Implode, by Dom Maitland

Venus: An Unconventional Tale, by Srishti Bhagat

The Coming of Twilight, by Srishti Bhagat

The Bournemouth Runner, by Carl Fannen

Mesmni Namun, by Douglas Park

Rueban's Trial (Summary), by Verneal Maze

Convenience Store Love, by Aaron T. Evans

Survival by Proxy, by Rudy Chase 

Alpha and Omega, by Rudy Chase  

10,000 Years from Earth, by Rudy Chase

The Trouble with Magic

Chapter One, by John T. Van Horn  

The Curse of the Rose,  by Kirby 

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapters 4 - 5

Pregnant! by Elaine Lee 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Innocence, by Anna Li -- Chapter 1  





Halifax, by Edwin R. Morris 

Halifax Explosion, by Edwin R. Morris  

Red Envy, Red Jealousy, by Juliet's Death 


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Diane Oatley (born 1960, Greenwich, Conn.) has lived in Oslo Norway since 1982.and works with literature and dance in a number of capacities, among these as a poet, freelance writer, dance critic, translator and teacher/performer of Oriental Dance. Expressions of the (feminine) body has been an ongoing focus in her dance practice and writing – the latter in the form of both essays, criticism and poetry published in newspapers, periodicals and in book form in Scandinavia, USA and Great Britain. She holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Oslo.

 - Diane Oatley


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Reading “Technicians of the Sacred” some years ago promoted poetry to an important position in my intellectual life. When editors began to select my work for their publications, I was convinced that I had read the right book. I hope reading these poems will make you feel the same.  - James Hall







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