The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 4



“Martiin!" the figure shouted! It was Max's little brother, George. “H... Hey George."

“Maaax!" George shouted. " Martin is here!"

After a while, Max came out. A slim boy of 16, Martin remembered him just the way he was. Skinny-like, yet very smart. He was usually the brains of any of their little antics. His brother, Bill came out next. Now, Bill was smart, but he was more body-centered than mind-centered. He was very muscular. He had more strength than 5 grown men, yet he only used his strength when he really needed to. “Hello Martin" said Max. “What a pleasant surprise, yet I'm sure you didn't come here by coincidence."

“No" said Martin.  I didn't. Except for the fact that I need your help."

 “Hey, we’re always ready to help a friend" said Bill.

Martin then got up and said, “Listen, I have a terrible feeling that Sebath's Power is back."

At the mention of Sebath, Max's and Bill's faces showed utter disgust and hatred. “Sebath!? Again!? Impossible! You destroyed Sebath's Power! I know! I felt it when you blasted me with that white beam!" said Max.

“I know" said Martin, “Yet we must rise to meet it again. I don't know who Sebath gave his power to, yet I know that whoever it is, we shall rise to face him."

Max and Bill merely nodded. After 2 hours, Max and Bill had finished packing. They got into Martin's car and began the trip to see Hannah.

Meanwhile, Francis grew more and more agitated. He decided to use one of the approaches that Max had used before. He teleported back to Tallahassee, Florida, and began to send his brain waves all across the state, trying to find 3 people there. Once he found them, he gave them instructions for Martin's later defeat. After he finished, Francis began to laugh maniaclly. Evilly.

“Hey! Guys! Snap out of space and let’s get back to reality!" said Martin.

Max finally said, “Sorry Martin. We were just thinking."

“Ooo kkk" said Martin. “Something is not right" thought Martin. " How could they think what each other was thinking?"

Shaking it out of his head, Martin said “Ok. We're going to meet up with Hannah, then we need to find out who is re...sponsible."

Martin gaped out the car window. Martin recognized Francis, standing on the sidewalk. Martin caught a glimpse of his eyes. Martin saw that they glowed red.

“MARTIN! LOOK OUT!!" Martin looked forward. The gas truck in front of them came to a screeching stop! Martin quickly turned the steering wheel left and drove into oncoming traffic. Left, right, left, right, Martin accelerated to top speed and got back into the right lane.

It turned out that the driver of the gas truck had no idea what happened. He said, “One minute I'm driving forward; the next minute I hear the brakes squeal. My foot wasn't even on the brake pedal!"

Martin walked back to his car. “Peculiar" he thought. “First I see Francis with red eyes; then the truck comes to a halt. I'm beginning to think I've found who Sebath chose."

Martin looked around for Max and Bill. " Max! Bill!" he called out, but they didn't answer.

“BANG! BANG!" 2 gunshots! Pedestrians on the sidewalk scrambled for cover! Martin got behind his car, pulling his Walter PPK out.

“Ok Martin. Where are the shots coming from?" he thought. Martin looked through the window of his car. He spotted Max, Bill, and Francis, hiding behind bushes, guns out.

Martin, weighing his options, put away his gun, jumped into his car, and sped away.

Francis stepped out of the bushes. “Now the game should get interesting."

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