The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 5



Martin began to get more and more worried. “Shoot" he said to himself.

“It's like Deja Vu all over again. First it seemed like they would want to help me, then they try to kill me. Still, I have no time to waste. I need to go see Hannah. She was the best friend I ever had, and I may never see her again."

Martin sped off towards Hannah's house.

Meanwhile, Francis was sitting in a giant throne, working on the next trap for Martin. “Max! Bill! Get in here!" he said.

“Yes Master" they said, entering the room.

“Listen, I understand that Martin told you what he was planning to do today."

“Yes Master" they said.

“Yes?" said Francis. Max and Bill just stood there.

Francis' eyes began to glow red. “ANSWER ME!!"  he shouted.

By that time, Max and Bill were on the floor screaming in horrible pain! Rolling in agony, they asked for mercy.

After 2 minutes, Francis' eyes dimmed.

“When I ask a question" said Francis, “You WILL answer me. Now, back to the question."

“Y... Yes sire" they said. “Martin said that he was going to meet up with Hannah, his old girl-friend before he moved. They still like each other, yet Martin had to leave."

“Uh... spare me from any more of this" said Francis. “Just... Go and set the next trap. NOW!"

Max and Bill jumped and ran out. Francis thought,

“Now, I shall try to get Hannah into my control." Closing his eyes, Francis concentrated deeply. “Hmm... that’s strange. Something extremly powerful is blocking my power. I don't know what it is, but it is very powerful. Very well. I shall spare her. But now, I must continue the search for the Amulet." With that. Francis swooped out of the room.

Martin pulled up to Hannah's house, an elegant, 3-story mansion with red paneling on the side. Martin parked his car in and walked up the driveway. He got up to the door and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later, the door opened.

“Hello? Oh, hi Martin!" It was Hannah. So beautiful, with her shining hazel hair and brown eyes.

“Hey Hannah. Listen, I need to talk to you in private." Hannah then beckoned him to the backyard. The backyard was compiled of a pool, and what looked like a bush maze. Hannah lead Martin through the maze into the middle. There was a pond with a small island in the middle. On top of the island was what looked like a small shed with a drawbridge on it. Hannah reached onto the grass and pulled up a green rope. Martin hadn't even noticed it on the grass.

“That small island is my personal getaway" said Hannah. " It's where everything that I hold dear to my heart is. It will be secluded from everyone around."

Pulling the rope, Hannah lowered the drawbridge, allowing them to cross. After they were in, Hannah pulled it up.

“Ok Martin. What is it?" asked Hannah.

“Well" said Martin, " I know this is going to sound weird, but... an evil alien named Sebath has given my friend Francis his evil power, and now Francis wants to take over the world.”

Hannah's jaw dropped. Martin blushed. “Listen, I know itis crazy, but it’s true. And know, I need to find an Amulet that has a swivel shape, and a red jewel in the center."

Hannah gasped. She went to a small jewelry box and rummaged in a drawer. A few seconds later, she came to Martin with something clenched in her fist.

“I... I found this in my room one night. I had no idea what it was, but it looked pretty, so I kept it. And when you described that Amulet just now, I remembered this."

She opened her fist. There, nestled snug in her palm, was the Amulet Of Ages!

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