The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 6



“Hannah! WOW! You actually have the Amulet of Ages! I've wondered where this was for 3 years!"

"Really?" Hannah said. “What’s so special about it? It’s just an Amulet."

Martin looked at her. “Oh no" he said. “If you have the Amulet, then that means... Hannah. You need to come with me."

 “WHAT?! Why?" she asked.

“Hannah, you are in grave danger. Francis is going to try to capture you and take the Amulet, and if he does that, then the end of the world will be here."

Hannah suddenly handed Martin the Amulet. “Can you use the Amulet?" she asked.

“I don't know" said Martin. “I did it once, but that was when I was trapped by Max."

“Uh, all right" she said. “Just put it on. Perhaps when you see Francis, you'll think to try and use it." Hannah then lowered the drawbridge and stepped out.

“Listen Hannah" said Martin. “I have some supplies for you to use in case Francis, Max, and Bill decide to try and get you. And besides... something else puzzles me. Why did the Amulet choose you to obtain it?"

Well, I don't know, but lets just get going" said Hannah.

“So... Martin has obtained the Amulet of Ages. Max! Bill!" “Coming our Excellency!" said Max and Bill, running into the room.

“Listen you fools. Is the trap ready?"

“Oh yes sir!" they said.

“Goood" said Francis. Make sure that after they are dead, you search them for the Amulet."

“Yes sire" they said. Then, as they were walking down the corridor, they could hear Francis' evil cackle echo through the hall.

Martin was driving down Highway 10 with Hannah in the passenger seat, checking her supplies.

"So Martin, how are we supposed to find Francis in this kind of city?"

Martin didn't answer.

Suddenly, two police cars began to switch on their sirens. A policeman shouted on the speaker, “Attention, driver of the red sports car. Pull over immediately!"

 Martin looked at Hannah. “Well" said Martin, “Time to get rough."

Martin accelerated the car and shot through the highway. The police began to give chase.

“Martin, what are you doing? They asked us to stop! I saw the policeman say it!" Hannah shouted.

“Ha" said Martin, “What you didn't see were the big thugs in the back holding weapons."

Hannah didn't look. “Martin, we need a plan."

Martin started looking around. Suddenly, an idea struck him. "

HANG ON!” he shouted, turning and practically hitting the side of the exit. The cops were too late too make the exit, and were forced to keep going. Martin's car shot down the exit ramp and headed for a tall building...

“Listen Hannah" said Martin, “We need to find a way out of here. I have a plan, but we'll need to separate. I'll try to draw their fire away, giving you an opportunity to escape."

 “But Martin" Hannah cried,” What about you?!"

“Don’t worry about me" said Martin, “I’ll be right behind you. Besides, I'll have the Amulet to protect me." Martin then parked the car in front of a Honda Motorcycle dealership.

“Why are we here?" asked Hannah?

Martin looked at her with a smile. “Can you drive a motorcycle?"

The sirens wailed loudly as the police cars got to the dealership. “Surround the building" shouted a cop. A semi-truck opened, and 100 policemen wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying machine guns stepped out.

“All right you maggots! Let’s MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE!"

Chief Harry Smithe grabbed the speaker. “All right men, lets... Prepare to open fire! Something is coming!"

A small roar began to ensue inside the building. Suddenly, a big object smashed through the show-case glass. It was Martin!

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