The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 7



 Martin smashed through the glass of the building. Immediately, the cops opened fire. Soon after Martin smashed out, Hannah came.

"Hey Hannah" Martin shouted" It’s a good thing H left these cycles here! Just be careful with the other features like the speed boost!"

Martin reached for the dashboard and pressed a button. The 2 headlights in front popped out. Martin aimed for the group of policemen shooting at him and pressed the button again. Suddenly, 2 rockets streaked out from the cycle and exploded at the cops.

Martin then shouted, “Hannah! Speed Boost!" Hannah pushed a button on her dashboard. Suddenly, she disappeared. Martin then pushed the button labeled Speed Boost and he too disappeared.

Max and Bill were shaking nervously as they waited for Francis. They whimpered so loudly that they didn't notice that someone else was there.

“Hello guys" said a voice. Max and Bill fell to the floor. “Oh Master! Please forgive us! We did the best we could!"

“Oh, shut your pleading, I'm not going to kill you" said Francis. “I’m going to do WORSE!!!"

Francis' eyes became blood-shot red. Max and Bill's eyes began to bulge. They screamed louder than they ever screamed before.

Finally, Francis' eyes became normal again. “Listen to me. This is the last time you shall fail. My next plan shall succeed; otherwise, you shall face the consequences."

Martin began to grow worried. He decided to schedule a meeting with Jeremy. Martin pulled out the cell phone he had and dialed the speed dial. The phone rang three times. Then someone picked up.

“Hello. Hork Meno teena." it said.

Martin replied, “Kantato montananana."

The man said, “Hi Martin! Jeremy here. What do you need?"

Martin said, “Hey Jeremy, I need to schedule a meeting with you. We need a strategy. And supplies."

Jeremy said, " Sure, sure. How about in 30 minutes?" Martin suddenly hung up.

“Francis got him too." thought Martin. Martin then decided to find out where Max and Bill were. He then stretched his right arm out and tapped his watch. A map of Palmetto flashed on the watch. 4 colored dots flashed on the map. The blue one was Martin. The pink one was Hannah. The yellow dot was Max. The orange dot was Bill. Martin studied Max's and Bill's dots. It turned out that they were at a vacant building.

Martin turned to Hannah and said, “Hannah, we’re heading to a building."

She asked, “Which building?"

 Martin said, “A building."

Suddenly, Martin heard a gunshot! The front left tire of his car blew off! They swiveled in front of a semi-truck. Martin turned the steering wheel and drove back into his lane, getting up onto a bridge. But soon, Martin began to lose control. The steering wheel began to turn for him.

Martin began to gasp. " FRAANCIIISS!!!"

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