The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 8



Martin began to try and wrestle with the steering wheel, struggling to gain control, but the car still was moving to the railing of the bridge. Hannah began to cry. “Martin, were going to die!!!"

Martin looked at her. “Hannah, get on my lap." he said.

Hannah looked at him. “Why?" Hannah asked.

“When the car hits the railing" Martin began, “We’re going to jump out into the water."

Hannah looked at him with a sudden dawning. “All right Martin." she said. She then began to crawl to Martin's side and climbed into his lap. Martin reached his hand for the door-knob. He watched the railing. It was 20 feet away. Then 15...10...5...

"CRASH!!" The car hit the railing! Martin's hand flung the door open and they jumped. “AAAAHHHHH!!!!" they screamed as they plummeted into the water.

Martin grabbed Hannah and held her close to him as they hit the water. “SPLASH!!" the water went up! Max, Bill, and Francis' heads looked out over the railing into the water.

“Find the Amulet" said Francis,” and make sure they're dead." Max and Bill put on snorkel masks, drew their guns, and dove into the water.

“Do you see them Max?" asked Bill. “No Bill, just keep searching."

Suddenly, Martin appeared behind Bill, and tapped him on the shoulder. Martin waved “Hi" then punched him in the face. Hannah went over to Max and conked him on the head.

Meanwhile, Martin was struggling with Bill. Martin knocked the gun out of Bill's hand and began to hit him in the stomach, but Bill soon began to recognize Martin and gave him a left to the jaw. Martin grew mad and just slammed an uppercut into Bill's jaw. Bill then just didn't move.

Martin and Hannah swam Max and Bill to shore. Martin then searched both of them and found a pistol. Martin looked at the pistol, then to Max and Bill. He then seemed to have made a decision because he aimed at them and shot both of them in the head. “BANG! BANG!"

Hannah looked at Martin with horror. “Martin! Why!?"

Martin looked at her with a grim look on his face. “We can't have these guys meddling anymore. I just hope that what happened the last time happens now." Hannah just looked at him with horror.

Martin then said, “Let’s go to that building. After a little while, they got to the road and got a taxi. After they got there, Martin paid the driver, and then he drove off.

Hannah looked up at the tall building. “Well Martin... I guess this is it."

Martin said, “Well... let’s go." Hannah nodded. Both of them walked in. It was very dark. Martin pulled out a flare and lit it. The flare sputtered and emitted a flame. The room was 100 by 100, with stone support structures at strategic intervals. Suddenly, gunshots began to sound throughout the room.

Martin and Hannah ducked behind the support structures. Martin drew his silenced Walter PPK and peeked around the structure. He was shocked to see Max and Bill, alive with their guns out.

Martin looked at their heads and noticed they had a single hole on each of their foreheads. Martin ducked back behind the pillar and said,

“Hannah, that is Max and Bill over there." Hannah looked at him like he was crazy. “What?! I thought that you shot them! I saw you shoot them!"

Martin peeked around the pillar. “I’m sure it’s them. I guess we'll have to use strategy."

Martin then tapped his watch. He said to it, “Supply bag number 25763." Suddenly, a bag dropped into Martin's arms. Martin unzipped it.

Inside were an array of machine guns and holsters. Martin told Hannah, “I got the idea from that movie The Matrix. He handed her half of the holsters and guns. He also gave her a long overcoat.

As they put on all the things, Max and Bill had called for a few reinforcements. About 15 guards came in carrying shotguns. By the time they finished positioning themselves, however, Martin and Hannah were finished setting up. Hannah and Martin then lunged around the edge of the pillar, guns ablazing. The guards opened fire.

Tile and wall chunks flew everywhere. The floor was being demolished. Martin just kept shooting away, hitting one guard at a time. After he was out of bullets on one gun, he pulled out another. Hannah was doing just as well. She was just hitting guards left and right. Finally, with a final click of a trigger, the room fell gravely silent.

Martin and Hannah both stood in the middle of the room. Then, they walked calmly to the stairs and walked calmly down.      

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