The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 9




Martin and Hannah reached the basement. Immediately, a cage on the other end of the room opened. Martin drew his guns. In the darkness, Martin saw a striped pattern walking across the darkness.

Martin suddenly was in a flash-back state. He saw himself with Bill Freeman, opening a door. Suddenly, something lunged out at them. A TIGER! Martin, snapping out of his flash-back, started shooting.

The tiger, now abandoning any means of stealth, leapt out of the darkness and towards Hannah. Martin dropped the guns and, bearing like a tank, smashed into the tiger. It gave a huge roar and slashed at him.

“AAAHH!!" martin screamed as a huge slash seemed to appear on his chest. Martin grabbed a small dagger in his pocket and thrust it into the tiger's chest. The tiger let out a roar of pain. It then rolled over on its side and didn't move.

“Oh Martin! You could have been killed!" Hannah cried.

 “It’s all in the job Hannah." Then they pressed onward.

Down in the last basement, Martin and Hannah found a room with nothing but a throne in it. It took Martin and Hannah a few minutes also before they realized someone was sitting in it.

“Hello Martin, Hannah. What a pleasant surprise." Martin did not look abashed.

“Hello Francis."

“Martin, what's he doing here? I thought he was in Louisiana."

Martin looked at Francis. “So did I." Francis said, “Enough of this idle chit chat! Prepare to face the wrath of FRANCIS!!!"

Francis' eyes turned blood-shot red.

Immediately, Martin began to scream bloody murder!

Hannah backed into a corner. “STOP IT! YOU’RE HURTING HIM!" She drew her gun and began to shot at Francis, but a force field deflected the bullets.

Martin felt like his insides were boiling up! Martin knew that the inevitable was here!

Francis' eyes became normal again.

Martin fell to his knees, gasping.

Francis said, “I’ll take that, thank you," Francis then pointed a finger at Martin. The Amulet of Ages flew from his neck and in front of Francis. “Now" he said, “Prepare to witness my powers become greater than Max had ever even dreamed of. Now watch my power GROW!!!" Francis slipped on the Amulet.

Martin began to feel the ground shake. Francis was laughing manically, and Hannah was screaming. Martin stumbled to her and grabbed her.

“Not so fast." said Francis. Martin felt himself lifted into the air and thrown against the opposite wall.

“MARTIN!!!" Hannah cried! Finally, the ground stopped shaking.

Francis, a look of savage triumph on his face, stood up and faced Martin. “Well Martin, I will admit that you are brave, having gotten this far, but I'm afraid that your efforts were futile." Francis pointed his index finger at Martin. “Good-bye Martin."

A red light appeared on the end of his finger. Suddenly, the red light shot out at Martin. It moved so fast that Martin couldn't dodge it. The light seared through Martin, who was killed instantly.

“NOOOOOOO!!!" cried Hannah. She rushed over to martin and began to shake him. “Martin... please wake up! PLEASE!!!"

Francis looked at her. “He is dead. You must die too." Francis raised his hand. Hannah laid herself on Martin and whispered in his ear. “I love you..."

Suddenly, a finger on Martin's hand moved. Hannah felt it. Francis saw it. He lowered his hand. “Impossible." he said, as Martin got to his feet.

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