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Hazel Eyes

a short story of the time of the troubles in lreland when all was over

and the funny parts came about

by Angela Kasey

Copyright 2000 Angela Byrne


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Cath stood back cigarette smoke billowing over her head, coffee cup empty. Well, she
thought, l have done a good job.  The hair, dark brown, shoulder length and falling softly
around the face. The makeup was just right, but  the best part were the eyes. Dark hazel
with a touch of green eye shadow and the fashionable eyeliner. The long black kaftan
together with the purple shawl and knee boots were a brilliant idea she thought, real
sixties gear.  Finbar was now a perfect Fiona.


Laughing, she planted a kiss on h is cheek. "Finbar, if l were a man l would go for  you
myself. Be careful".


On the day before, Finbar was returning from Belfast city centre. Unfortunately when
taking the car he had left his driving licence in his anorak.  On the way back to Queens
University, where he was studying the Arts, the police had pulled him over. When the
officer asked for identity he could neither find his student card nor, more importantly,
his driving licence. Whilst being quite understanding of the situation, the particular
officer told him he must go to the Springfield Police Station next morning at 10 a.m. and
answer a few questions.  "Fair enough, see you tomorrow" said Finbar.  Just my luck
he thought, but grateful the officer had appreciated the fact of his leaving his details
On entering his apartment, Finbar's telephone was ringing away. He just grabbed it
before it cut off. "Hello there, Finbar speaking",  "hello yourself, Dublin calling, big
party tonight, grab your gear and get down her fast".  "Is it you Jimmy, my god, long 
time no hear" laughed Finbar as he lit up a cigarette.  "I know , but we are having a party
in Drumcondra tonight so come on down, we will have a good chat later" said Jimmy. 

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