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The Ghost, the Ghoul and the Goblin

By Brian Boyd


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In the neglected graveyard, which sits in the shadows of the church at number two Witching Lane, three companions met ... just as they did every year on this day.  The ghoul lumbered from the gloomy row of elms, the ghost rose from its cold, forgotten grave and the goblin tunneled up from the rotting ground.


"Happy Halloween," said the ghoul with a moan as it lurched to an uncertain halt.


"A year goes by so quickly, doesn't it?" said the goblin in a rasping voice as it fished a large millipede from its hair and tossed it aside.

"Time once more, for the Halloween challenge," whispered the ghost, drifting closer.


Every Halloween, the three of them would have a friendly contest before joining the local street party.  Last year's contest, to see who could turn the most milk sour, had been won hands down by the goblin.  The year before that, it was the ghost who had made the most infants cry in their cradles.  This year, the ghoul was hoping to win.


"Well what's it to be goblin?" said the ghoul with his fingers secretly crossed behind his back.

"Yes last year's winner, it's up to you to set the new challenge!" said the ghost.

The goblin grinned mischievously and hopped up onto a tombstone.

"I've got something very special," he said,  leaning forwards with an air of mystery, "there's a boy who lives in the next village, who isn't afraid of anything!"

"ooooooh" said the ghost and the ghoul.

"His name is Cormac Lundy - and he's never been scared in his life!" continued the goblin.


"The challenge is simple: who can make him so afraid that he starts to cry for his mother?"


The three of them agreed that this was the best challenge ever!  As soon as the moon had risen they left the churchyard and hurried down Witching Lane in the direction of Cormac Lundy's village.  It was a short journey.


Cormac Lundy was unremarkable to look at.  He had freckles and flaming red hair.  People who knew him always said that he had a sunny attitude and a truthful smile.  The rumours about him were true.  He wasn't afraid of anything - not even dentists.


Slowly they rose up around his bed.  The ghost, the ghoul and the goblin stood over Cormac Lundy as he slept.  The cold moonlight shone on his pillow and they loomed in closer.  Maybe he sensed their presence or heard the floorboards creak; Cormac Lundy's eyes flicked open.


The ghost howled, the ghoul groaned and the goblin hissed.  Cormac Lundy sat bolt upright, threw up his arms and screamed.  Then he fell back into his pillows and lay still.


"Oops!" said the ghoul. "We've killed him."

"What are we going to do?  It was only supposed to be for fun!" cried the goblin in a panic.

"Run for it!" shouted the ghost.

The three of them fled Cormac Lundy's house and ran until they were at a safe distance.  The rest of the way back to Witching lane, they slunk along in silence.  Someone was going to find out.  There would be trouble tomorrow.


Cormac lundy lay as stiff as a board.  The ticking clock on the bedside table was the only sound.  The moon had hidden behind some clouds but now it returned and bathed the pillow in it's silvery light.  Cormac Lundy opened one eye.


In Witching Lane, the Halloween street party was in full swing.  There were four long tables, all filled with delicious Halloween goodies.  Imps and witches, fiends and warlocks - all sang songs and danced and ate and joked. 

"Come to play bobbing for toads!" shouted Igor

"Have a cup of dead man's vomit," offered Zelga.

"No thanks," muttered the companions as they trudged past with their heads hung low.  They slouched through the rusty church gates and went to sit in the graveyard.  Up above, in the branches of the dead oak tree, the owl watched.


The goblin knew all about Cormac Lundy, the boy who was afraid of nothing.  But the goblin knew nothing of Cormac Lundy's dog, Otis. Otis the dog was a friend of Oscar the cat.  Oscar the cat was a friend of Oliver the crow.  Oliver the crow was a friend of Ozmo the rabbit.  Ozmo the rabbit was a friend of Owen the owl.


The ghost, the ghoul and the goblin slumped down on a grave with heavy sighs.  Cormac Lundy leaped from hiding and gave a blood-curdling scream.  The ghost turned as white as a sheet, the ghoul fainted and the goblin burrowed into the earth in terror.  Everyone at the street party heard the hullabaloo and came running to see.  Owen the owl swooped silently from above and landed on a stone cross.  When the monsters realized what had happened, they laughed and laughed.  Even the ghost, the ghoul and the goblin saw the funny side.  Cormac Lundy had beaten them at their own challenge!


Terrible Simon (the head warlock) suggested that Cormac Lundy should be made an honorary monster, just for one night.  The other monsters quickly agreed and they continued with the Halloween street party.  All of them screeched and laughed and wailed and shouted - and they danced crazily through the night, as only monsters know how.


By Brian Boyd (boydegg)