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Through the Eyes of Death

Jeremy Almeida


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I saw him point the gun at me, and I saw him pull the trigger; after that, it all became a blur of sights, sounds, and pain.. It just keeps repeating in my mind: the gun, the bullet, and that twisted face in my mind. When the bullet hit, I didn't feel a thing. It was like a chill throughout my body, not pain I . . . . . I actually kind of liked it. I could feel the bullet hit me in the chest, rip through my heart, and blow out my back. I saw blood fly from my body, and seep through my fingers as I felt the hole in my chest left by the hollow-point forty-five slug. I figured I was dead, but it didn't feel like death, not that I knew what death felt like, but I figured I had to be dead because a bullet just passed straight through my heart. Slowly it would fade away and then it would start all over again. . .the man.. .the gun.. .the bullet. . .the blood. . .like a record with my whole life on it, and one big scratch making it skip at the same point over. . .and over. . .and over. . .There was no life flashing before my eyes, no dark tunnel with a light at the end; nothing--just that moment. . .Each time I see it, it gets slower. . .I can actually see a flash from the gun, you know, like in the movies. Here comes the bullet. . .closer. . .closer. . .it's going in.. . here comes all the blood. . .I can feel it. . . through the breastbone. . .into the heart. . .my blood pouring into the chest cavity. . .my lungs collapsing as the bullet rips through my shoulderblade, and out my back. . .It's probably still stuck in the wall behind me or at least where my body fell. It's probably still there, not like anyone would care to look for me. Have you ever seen a bullet rip through flesh? It's such a violent explosion of flesh and blood. As I sat there staring in the mirror, the gun falling from my hand, my blood blinded my vision..

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