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From Life to Death

By Sam Hernandez


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From underneath the darkness I have risen My soul swept away into oblivion farther and farther each time The hole of despair sweeping, swallowing deeper Step after step sinking falling spiraling out of control Into the darkness

The eyes of the knowing glowing with brightening luminescence Hatred growing darker within burning with intense ferocity The winds of time blow from my lips to meet dead life Drinking my life in as it flows freely from me I look but do not see

Light shines from without but does not warm the heart It grows cold and blows the icy breath of death It draws me further in, and I can do nothing to prevent my impending doom Falling…..Falling…..

The sweet touch of death on my heart, I look out and see The darkness is all, but it fills me completely Through the darkness I see that which is truth And as I look forth, my eyes glow red with the knowledge of timeless ages Seeing

I take it all in, the power within me growing deep inside My touch has become as cold as death And I see without seeing, hear without hearing, feel without feeling The Prince of darkness filling the empty void with darkness Substance without Life

I become he who walks through life, filling the void with life I take life and it becomes death Horrible pain and unbearable anguish are what I thrive upon From the darkless void I have risen…

I am life that becomes death