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Once Upon a Time

By Darrell J. Strutz


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Once upon a time, there lived a prince, a princess, and a love
that would not die.  The prince was a proud prince who was on
his way to become a great king.  The princess likewise, was a
very beautiful princess whose goal in life was to be the best
Queen of the Land.  All of their lives they lived away from each
other in separate lands, with separate lives, separate families,
and they had all sorts of separate things that they did; they even
had separate ways of eating!  And they also had a  love that was
waiting to be given.

It was at this time that the proud prince and the beautiful
princess met.  The handsome prince had just decided to look for
a woman that would one day be his Queen.  He really didn't
have a clue, but his pride was as big as his tender heart and
when he began to know the beautiful princess his dreams of one
day having her as his Queen was fulfilled and his love was given
and sealed with the friendship they shared. But it was not
shared by the princess until she saw that his love was
genuine. and likewise she gave him her dreams. that one day
he would be her king and she also gave her love to him, sealed
with the friendship they had.

As time passed bye the happiness began to fade and the love
began to die for the one wish they both desired was as
impossible as the love they shared; for they wanted to one day
rule the land together as King and Queen. but alas, there was
one flaw in their plan of splendor, neither the prince was a King
or the princes a Queen.  At first, nothing was impossible for
spring's blossom's of love cause the proud prince to feel as if he
was a king and it caused the beautiful princess to feel as if she
were a Queen. but in reality it was an illusion; the prince was
simply a prince and the princess was simply a princess.  Once
this was realized the proud prince and the beautiful princes did
everything they could to try and become a King and a Queen. 
The prince wore kingly robes, and talked kingly talk, and the
beautiful princess wore beautiful dresses fit for a Queen, and
talked as a Queen would talk, but it did not change the fact that
the prince was not a King and the princess was not a Queen; so
they then tried to change each other.  The proud prince thought
he knew how a Queen should act so he began to tell her how
she should act, and what she should wear, and what she should
say.  The beautiful princess thought she knew how the prince
could become a King so she gave him ideas, and told him how
he could become a King, and tried to convince him that he was
a King already. but alas!  Both of them knew that they were
not yet King's and Queen's and soon the love of friendship that
they shared turned into a love of bondage.

At that time they did not realize, that they could not rule
together as King and Queen for the proud prince was not yet a
King and the beautiful princes did not quite act the part of a
Queen, and both of these facts pushed the proud prince and the
beautiful princess far apart, until they lived in the farthest
corners of their kingdom's, tied together with the cords of their
love, and imprisoned by the fact that neither of them were able
to become a King or a Queen.  And as their lives began to
separate, so did their love, and once again they lived their
separate lives, but a spark of their love remained; for they came
to realize that they were loving each other for what they yet were
not and not for what they were, a prince and a princess.
For the first time, they realized that they still shared a love for
each other, a love that was as special as it was unusual, a love
sealed with the friendship they had.  They could not love each
other as King and Queen for the proud prince had a lot of
training, and many things to learn before he would be made a
King, and the princess was just realizing that she had much to
learn before she would one day be able to act as a Queen.
And so that is the story of the prince, a princess, and a love
that would not die.  I wish I knew what happened to the proud
prince and the beautiful princess, but it is never to be known. 
Who is to say what time may bring?  For maybe they will
forever remain a prince and princess, or maybe someday they
will become a King and a Queen.  And who is to say that they
would ever rule together if they were to become a King and a
Queen?  For maybe they would find another King or Queen to
rule with, which is very possible indeed.  But. we are forgetting
something else; a love that never dies, sealed with the friendship
they share.

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