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The Battle of Lithia

By Bob Burlestein


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The evil minions of the world Sabaktu lined up their rocket and mortar

launchers. They set the coordinates:Amoumos. The leader of this strange

and savage world ordered them to arm the weapons. The leader raised his

arm and yelled, "Fire!" The explosions were deafening as the rockets

and mortars blasted away towards Amoumos. The city that had gained the

most popularity and people was Bavaria. It was teeming with people. After

Zrak and his armies were no more, the reproduction of people skyrocketed.

A rocket flew in from the sky and crashed into someone's house. A giant

fireball rose into the air and sprayed flaming debris. People started

screaming. Another rocket blasted into the ground blasting chunks of

earth into  the air. Mortars started crashing down, blowing up more homes

and houses. The last rocket took out a Helicopter dealer. the Sabaktu minions

began to move their rocket and mortar launchers away. The leader chcukled.

" Good job, mates. Good job." they moved away, planning for phase two.

Mathio awoke from his home and ran over to the town to see what had happened.

"What the hell is going on here?!" The townsman answered," I haven't the

slightest idea. One minute we were sleapin' peacefully, the next we was being

bombed." Everyone tossed water over the burning flames. They all talked and

discussed briefly what had happened. Then they all went to bed, thinking

everything was safe. little did they know that they were very wrong. The

leader at the distant planet was far from over. he ordered a space shuttle

be sent to the planet of Amoumos. Inside it was to be 5 gun men. "5-4-3-2-

1-BBLLAASSTTT OOOFFF!" The spacecraft took off and made its way down to Amoumos.

After the little conversation on what to do, they voted and one man was put

outside to make sure nothing else would happen. He watched the sky with

his 9000X binoculars. So far there was no movement. He stretched back and

looked at all the stars. One of them was moving along he sky. At first,

the lookout thought it was a shooting star. But when it seemed to get closer,

he pulled out his binoculars and zoomed in on it. It was not a shooting star,

but a space shuttle. The lookout ran to the military barracks and explained the

situation. 10 men ran out with plasma guns to face the unknown object. They

hoped it would halt and when it didn't, the y pulled out their plasma guns and

shot it. One of the plasma rounds struck the space shuttle's gas holder. Fuel

leaked out and sparks jetted around. One of the sparks caught on the gas and the

craft exploded and rocketed down to Amoumos. The 10 gunsmen that were shooting

the shuttle fled. The shuttle struck the ground and cause a tremendous explosion

when it hit the ground. Flaming debris sprayed across the landscape, thus

causing a great concern in the Bavaria. They all had a meeting and firmly believed

that the rockets and space shuttles were coming from the northeast in the sky.

They had 5 men bring out their best telescope and their best telescopic rifle.

A man sat down in front of the telescope and looked around. He didn't see anything.

He looked all around and saw creatures standing on the edge of a far way planet

preparing grenade launchers. He whirled around and told the rifleman where they

were. The rifleman loaded the quad-cab lightning launcher and sat down.


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