The Battle of Lithia

By Bob Burlestein


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He zoomed in on the distant planet and found many earthlings like themselves. Only
they looked different in some vivid way. They looked more evil. The rifleman zoomed
in on one and fired. The lightning bolt cackled across the sky and struck the outsider.
He vibrated in all directions with the lightning charge fizzing inside him then he
dropped down dead. Others came over to him, making more targets. The gunsmen turned left 
and right blasting away at the far-away earthlings. they would fizz and fall backward or 
get shcoked and fall forward into the depths of space. They turned to flee toward the
mainland. The gunsmen stopped shooting. Mathio watched all of this knowing, they would
be back. The leader of the pack stomped around their city, furious."How did our men die?
How, goddammit! when I ask a question, I expect it to be answered. Do all of you slobs got 
that?" They all nodded and said, "Yes sir." Theleader walked away and said,"If any of you
fail me again, then I will kill all of you and your families." The leader walked out of
sight. The soldiers ran to the edge of their planet. They stared at the land of amoumos.
The captain said"Let's get suited up and carry out the leader's wishes." They ran to their
city. They ran to the sewer, looked to make sure no one was watching, and they jumped in. 
In fact, it wasn't a sewer at all, but the planet's jet base. They filed up and took off in
7 jets toward Amoumos. The jets blasted thru their own atmosphere and jetted through the
sky sending of sonicbooms. They got near the earth's atmosphere. They turned on their heat
shields and turbo-thrusters. They blasted thru earth's atmosphere with no trouble. They
landed just outside the city, and got out of their aircrafts and made they're way towards
the city. As they entered the city people stared at them wildly. The captain didn't like it.
A tall broad-shouldered man stepped up to him."what may I ask are you doing here?Huh?" The
captain cleared his throat and said,"We come from the distant planet which we know as Livia
and you know as the planet that has been attacking you." He paused, and went on."Our leader
says that if you do not surrender, we must kill all who resists and inprison the others remaining."
Mathio stared at them, and burst out laughing. Then he whipped around and flicked out a blade
and plunged it into the leader. The rest of the intruders reached for their guns, but several townsmen
burst out of hiding and chased down the suckers and killed every last one of them. "Let that be a lesson
to ya. We will never surrender to anyone without a fight."


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