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By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


    The Ultimate Virus had spread all over Earth. It had infected all but five groups of rebels. The survivors had hidden in different places around the world until they had finished creating a gate that connected their havens. Kujin had concentrated his attack on Earth.

    All gates to the other dimensions had been smashed. The last battle would be fought on Earth-Prime. If Kujin won, he could take over the Universes with the wave of a hand.

    Unfortunately, the Survivors' once great commander had been stripped of his command over the resistance. They had elected Jinn, a smart but foolish kid as their new leader.

    Magus watches helplessly from the Moon, his prison. If it weren't for him, the Magin, creatures infected with the Virus, wouldn't have discovered that the Survivors' base was in another dimension. 

    The end is here. 


Chapter 1

    Shensi walked into Magus' quarters. Magus sat on his knees facing a fire. Shadows played across his face. 


    Shensi went on when Magus did not respond.

    "The Falcon Army has fallen. The resistence is now down to three groups."
Magus shook his head silently.

    Shensi walked towards a chair and sat down.

    "Our supplies are almost gone," said Mini.

    Mini and Shensi were sisters. They were not twins, Shensi was nineteen and Mini was two years younger, but they still looked somewhat alike. They both had purple hair, like Magus. Both had spooky green eyes and they were about the same height. They both wore a blue blousw and red pants.

    Mini walked over to Suzekui, her other sister. She was taller than her other sisters and her hair was a much darker purple. She also wore a white robe. Mini handed her sister a list of remaining supplies. 
Suzekui nodded and returned the list.


    Shensi, Mini, and Suzekui had one more sister. She lived on Earth helping the Survivors. Her name was Kyuunshi. She had short black hair and wore a brown and green tunic with a brown travelers cloak. She traveled with two humans that had been mutated by the nuclear radiation given off by the bombs, Delta/Mu/Omega, the person behind the Virus, had set off along time ago. The mutations' names were Badger and Seeker.

    Badger was big-boned and had giant hands and feet with claws so he could dig well. Seeker had a mouth full of sharp teeth and Evil-looking red glowing eyes. His sense of direction and smell, giving him the ability of tracking, gave him his name of Seeker. 

    The trio had been travelling along a path that was marked by stone slabs. The Beta, Psi, and Gamma groups had lost contact with the Nu and Alpha groups of Survivors. They had been sent to find out what happened.

    "Planes to the north," rasped Seeker. 

    "I'm on it," Badger. He raised his hands and jumped into the air. When he landed, his feet bad a little hole in the ground. He used his hands to make it wider to fit everyone. They began to hear the planes now so they quickly jumped into the hole. They watched the unmanned, Virus infected airplanes fly over head, not detecting the trio hidden in the earth. When Seeker said it was safe, they left the hole, covered it up, and went along their way.


    Bick had met Terra travelling through Cloud Ravine. Bick was a loner looking for HakiSekiSaki, a legendary sword. He bumped into Terra, another mutant. Bick bumped into him when he didn't realize Terra could camouflage his self to look like earth features. Terra said that is was okay and that he was looking for someone to be friends and travel with. Bick reluctantly agreed to let Terra travel with him. Bick explained what his goal was and Terra agreed that it sounded fun.

    Terra and Bick believed that fighting was useless against the Virus. Now all that was left to have fun while staying alive. This common shared idea was what made their life-lasting friendship.

Chapter 2

            Unknown to Mini, Shensi and Suzekiu, Magus had possesed the body of his dying father, Janus. Janus had been poisoned during the war and to save him Magus inhabited his body and used him to do his bidding. Janus' soul had passed away but his body remained healthy, thanks to Magus. It was a tedious task having two minds functioning at the same time. That is why Magus didn't move his imprisoned body much.

            Janus was behind enemy lines. In fact he was in Kujin's Castle. He had snuck past all of the gaurds and now rested behind a rock ledge overseeing a game room. Below, resting soldiers played board games.

            Janus was very slender and had short black hair. He wore short shorts and a karate gi - esque shirt. The clothes had a charm put on them that allowed them to change colors, enabling him to camouflage into most surroundings. Right now it was a mixture of sharp brown and black colors.

            Janus made a bottle of tonic apparate in his hand. He ripped off the cork with his teeth and took a good swig up the cured water. He wiped his chin and made the bottle disappear. He got up and looked below to the soldiers. He couldn't go back the way he came without taking a big risk of being caught; he had barely gotten to the place he was at right now. He also didn't want to kill the soldiers who were just affected by a virus that Shensi and Kyuunshi together, had found a cure to.

            Unfortunately, the antidote could only be used once and had a limited range. Suzekiu was working on a way to make it more powerful at this very moment.

            Janus knew he could kill all the soldiers with out attracting too much attention.

            Better to sneak through the game room, he thought. "Here I go."

            Janus walked over to a ledge that didn't have alot of people near it and jumped down silently. He landed like a cat, on all fours, ducked down. He began to crawl alongside the wall. He hid behind a little crevice. He stood up and forced his back agaisnt the sharp rock wall. He peered behind the wall. He saw a half-open window on the other side of the wall near the ceiling. He turned himself into a black bird and flapped to the ceiling. Janus knew that any animal would be killed because almost everyone could turn into an animal these days. He soared to the window and flew through the opening at the bottom.

            It was a prison cell. No one living was in it. A couple of rancid human corpses still remained. He flew through the bars of the cell and returned to his human form.

            Damn, it reeks, thought Janus.

            He looked around as he walked through the room. All the cells were empty except one. The second to last cell had a brown monkey that looked like it had been stretched on the rack. Its right arm was about five inches longer than its left one. On his right arm a patch of hair was missing. Janus assumed that that was where his Survivor insignia had been. All members of the cores of the Resistance had a metal insignia planted into their right shoulder.

            Janus recognized this ex-soldier as an infantry for the Damned, an army he had once led against Kujin. The army had consisted of millions of strange and recognizable creatures. Some were humans, some were animals and some were bizaare creatures most people had never seen. A long time ago, Magus and Zi had created an alternate dimension that resided next to all planes. In this world were hideous mutations of the inhabitants of the planet Gzarr. Magus couldn't help the creatures back then, but recently he had gathered them as an army against Kujin and Omega. Most of them had died though. Very few of them had become members of the resistence.

            The monkey of course did not recognize Magus in Janus' body and Janus knew he couldn't convince it of his true identity.

            Janus signaled for the monkey to be quiet and it understood.

            Janus walkled through another door. It led to a large room lit by dim torches. Inside, a gigantic creature stirred in its slumber. Its giant nostrils sniffed. Then the big green eyes opened. The eyes narrowed like a cats, then it roled over onto all fours. No, five. It four normally placed legs and another one on it left side. But it lifted that one up and decided to use it as a weapon. It was spiked, like a morning star.

            "There goes my cover," sighed Janus.


Chapter 3

Kyuunshi winced in pain and staggered to a nearby rock. She sat down drunkenly. She put her hand over her face. SHe had been in pain for awhile now and had tried her best to hide it.

            "What is wrong?" asked Badger. He put a hand on Seeker's shoulder to stop him

            Seeker turned towards Kyuunshi. He walked over to her, unslinging his backpack. He unzipped and removed an instrument for testing blood for imperfections. It consisted of a needle that had a tube attached to it that ran down to metal a fist-sized, box-like contraption.

            "What do you think, Seeker?" asked Badger rubbing his chin.

            Seeker held up one clawed finger and put it down. He kept his eyes focused on the needle he held in his hand.

            "Let me see your arm." Kyuunshi held out her arm. Seeker put the needle deep into her neck, piercing an artery. The once clear tube became red with blood. Little specks of green could be seen in her blood. The blood gathered inside the metal box. Readings began to appear on the side of the box.

            "Hmm." Seeker read and nodded. He removed the needle from her arm and put the instrument away.

            "Let me see your eyes," said Seeker. Kyuunshi looked at Seeker. Her eyes had begun to turn green.

            "Kyuunshi," began Seeker, "You have been infected by the Ultimate Virus."

            "I know."

            "You know? Why didn't you tell us? When did you get it?" asked Seeker calmly.

            Badger reaction was a little less subtle. He began to demand where she got it, what would happen if she spread it to them and every one it the Nu and Alpha groups and began to look at his hands and pulled out a pocket mirror from his backpack and began inspecting his eyes, muttering curses.

            "I don't know how or when I got it, you know that just breathing you can catch the virus."

            Seeker crossed his arms and thought while Badger stomped his mirror to pieces, his curses growing louder but more unintelligible leaving one to wonder if he was not talking about monkeys, bunnies and ham sandwiches.

            "Well, it usually takes about one year for the virus to take full effect, and that is the minimum, so; do you think that you can continue on?" asked Seeker.

            Kyuunshi nodded and added that the pain had lessened.

            And so Kyuunshi led the way with the help of Seeker while Badger lingered behind about five feet. The first sight of the great "desert" that hid the Survivors' camp Alpha and Nu was just coming into view.


Chapter 4

Suzekiu slowly poured Chemical 23 into the Virus Antidote.

            "AHH!" The two beakers exploded sending glass into her face.

            "Why don't you use non-glass beakers?" asked Mini.

            "Because they melt!" Suzekiu wiped her face with a towel. She opened up a cabinet and grabbed two more beakers, this time with Chemical 54 and the Virus Antidote, and slammed them down on the table.

            "Damn it!" cried Shensi. She ran into the room with a print out. It showed the radar readings. Mini looked at the reading.

            "What the hell?"

            "I know, come on!"

            "What's going on!?" demanded Suzekiu.

            "I'll show you." Shensi led the way down the hall. They all walked into the radar room. Suzekiu walked over to the controls.

            "That's got to be a mistake." Suzekiu hit a few buttons on the large keyboard.

            "Looks like Kujin found us," said Mini.

            "What!? That means we're gonna die!" cried Shensi.

            Suzekiu stormed out of the room and walked into Magus' room.

            "Wake up Magus!"

            When he didn't respond, she kicked him over.

            "What?" said Magus sleepily.

            "Come to the radar room."

            Magus got up to see what was going on. He walked to the radar room with Suzekiu following with her arms crossed.

            He looked at the radar and saw the dots that were Kujin's stormtroopers.

            Magus sighed. "There is something I have to tell you. You remember Janus, right?" The women nodded there heads. "Well before he died, I took control of his body, so Janus is dead but his body isn't, you see?"

            "So where is he?" asked Suzekiu," Is that what you have been doing all this time?"

            "Yeah. And he is hiding from a giant beast. If you leave me alone, then maybe I can stop those planes."

            "How?" asked Mini.

            "Don't worry. Suzekiu, just keep working on that antidote."




            Janus drew his long sword. It was very thin but extremely sharp. The beast roared and an alarm sounded. Janus heard running feet.

            "This.. sucks!" Janus ran forward and leaped. Janus let his symbiont, a spider, release its legs out of his back. They clung to the ceiling. Hanging on the ceiling, Janus swung his sword and a fan of flames flew to the ground and exploded, driving men back from the entrances. The beast ran over to the wall and began to climb it.

            Janus dropped to the ground as the beast was about to get him. He was met with plasma shotguns. He ran towards one of the virus infected people that was reloading. He plunged his sword into the man's chest. And grabbed the gun from the man's hands as he fell to the ground. He ducked from the fire and took the mans cartridge belts.

            More men came running to the entrance Janus was at just as he had finished filling the chamber with plasma bullets.

            Buuukthooou! A woman's head disintergrated into blood. He reloaded.

            "Got plasma?" Buuukthooou! Another man fell to the floor. Plasma disintergrated the ground and rock walls around Janus. He ran shooting and reloading. He stopped once to get a ten-shooter, a six-shooter with that holds ten plasma bullets, and another belt full of bullets.

            The path looked clear now so he put his rifle into a spider-leg sheath on his back.    He came into a hallway with several doors.

            He thought. Then took the one on the left.

            "Oh my god. What is it?" Janus asked himself. He stepped up to it and put his hand up to it. Chrome. It looked like some kind of machine. He stated to circle it. On the right side was a flat lift that ran vertically on a rail. It was at the bottom of the rail right now.

                  DING! The lift suddenly shot up to the top of the rail. Two giant pieces of what appeared to Janus to be over-cooked bread, shot out of somewhere on this (toaster?) machine. Janus thought hard. Yes, he had seen this thing before. It was called a toaster. On Earth they had never been so big, though. BlackJack had owned one at his house.

       BlackJack! Janus wondered how his old friend was doing. Then he remembered the toast. He looked up, the (toast? Yes toast!) toast was coming down on him. Suddenly a giant hand grabbed the pieces of bread.

       It's a giant, thought Janus. He decided not to look at it. Instead, Janus bolted to the door he had come from. He reached in no time.

       "Damn it! The guards!" shouted Janus. The guards were still looking for him, but now they had spotted him. So he ran the other way. He had just barely started running when he saw a hunched over being. It had five arms growing out of its back. White slime oozed down his body in waves. It had its mouth open revealing sharp deformed teeth. Some teeth were longer than the others and all of them were crooked bending, this way and that. Its huge massive legs stomped over to Janus. The arms of the creature raised and it spread its claws.

       "Butt-monkey!" cursed Janus, "It's one of Dragoon's soldiers!"

       The infantry man roared.

         Janus pulled out both of his guns. "I hate my life."


Chapter 5

Bick continued to travel with Terra across the plains of Arkania. The grass was short and thick and home to many snakes. The pair trudged through the grass mindful of any snakes, especially venomous ones. They stopped at the top of the hill to watch a troop of baboons cross the grass at the bottom of the hill. One of them saw the pair and hooted and pounded its hands against the ground, then turned away and continued on its way. Bick heard some rustling behind him.

            "Uh oh," said Bick. Terra and Bick both moved out of the way as a sheet of snakes went shooting by them. The sheet moved down the hill, towards the troop of baboons. Suddenly the baboons were covered with snakes.

            "That could be us next," commited Bick.

            "Yeah, let us take a detour," answered Bick.

            The pair turned away from the snakes and baboons and headed east of them and continued down the hill, once they were far away from the snakes (no more baboons).

            "So, where are we going?" asked Terra.

            "To find the wost powerful sword in the world."


            "No. I am renaming the sword, since everyone forgot about the sword anyway. Its new name will be Culex."

            "Isn't that the name of the guy who started all this?"

            "Yeah, he was pretty powerful. He killed himself to try and destroy Magus, but it didn't work."

            "Why did he want to kill Magus?"

            "About twenty years ago, or so I hear, Magus lived in a dimension called Slyn. It was beautiful like our world. This world was always at war with a being known as Culex. He served the mythical Ark that destroyed our world more than once. Magus tried to stop him but was caught in a time loop generated by the Ark. He was finally able to stop the loop and found himself in an alternate world with Culex as its ruler."

            "I have heard this story, I believe," interrupted Terra. "I am sorry to interrupt, but I would like to direct your attention to that." Terra pointed at a far away object, hovering a few feet above the ground that gave off a faint light. Out of this thing, strange creatures fell from it. They looked like bats, except they had well-built legs that enabled them to walk. One fell and began to walk in a line and others poured out and followed.

            "They are coming towards us," said Bick.

            "Well butter-my-buns! Those aren't bats at all!" exclaimed Terra.

            Bick looked closer and realized that the creatures were winged-monkeys.

            "These are the famed Winged Army. The army of Monkeys that served Emperor Dan way back in 2008," confirmed Terra.

            "This must be a time warp," Bick said.


            In the year 2004, the Evil Genius, Dan, graduated from high school and eagerly began to set forth his Master Plan into motion. It was along and tedious task to get all his formulas right, but in 2006, Dan created a Winged Monkey. He used Spider Monkey, osprey, and bat DNA to create this beauty. Next, Dan single handedly infiltrated and took over JKA Research Labs, and mass produced these weapons/creatures. Over a period of eight months, he had created and trained over a million of these Winged Beauties.

            In 2008, Dan launched an all out attack on the world and totally annhilated the armies of the world and took over Earth. for ten years, Dan held the world between his fingers. He really cleaned up the Earth, but people were all convinced he was an Evil Genius, and hated him. Very few people actually realized he was a good and just person, but a little screwy at times.

            One man, named Zi, tried to destroy him. This man was also an Evil Tinkerer. He had brought to life, millions of ventriloquist puppets to life to do his bidding. Zi's master, the Ark, created a time rift that sent the Winged Army into the future while Zi snuck in Dan's mansion and searched for him. Fortunately, Dan had escaped and blew up the house. This did not kill Zi, but Dan escaped with his life.

            Dan lived to see 44, before the Ark destroyed Earth for the second time, sending all humans to their deaths.



            "I guess this goes back to 2010," said Bick.

            "It looks like it," Terra said. They could see the where the time warp led to by looking into it and it led to Dan's lab.

            "I think we should leave this alone. We might create some time pardox thing."

            "Right," agreed Terra.



            "I have dinner," cried Bick.

            "What! A Winged Monkey!"

            "Since it was your turn to get dinner, this is what you get for letting me hunt."



            "Mmm! Tastes like steak."





            Janus fired his ten-shooters. They drove the monster back but hardly penetrated its skin. The creature roared and charged. Janus holstered his pistols and drew his sword. He ducked and stuck his sword out. The creature ran right into it, but Janus' sword just bent.  The beast threw Janus a mean back-hand that sent him flying towards the guards. When he hit the ground, the guards started to pound him with their metal attack poles.

            Janus thought about his magic spell, flame-sphere and from his body, exploded a huge ball of red flame that disintegrated most of the guards and sent the rest to hell in flames. The flames collapsed back into Janus.

            Janus tried to lift himself up with his hands, but found that his left arm was to battered and bloodied to support him. Janus suddenly felt real tired and let himself fall back to the ground. He rolled over onto his back and closed his eyes.   


Chapter 6

Janus found himself in a cell. He looked across the room and saw the monkey. It had died of starvation.
"No one kills monkeys where I come from!" yelled Janus. He charged toward the rusted bars of his cage and slammed into him. He would have used his sword, which could easily slice the bars. Or better yet, his magic, but that too was taken away from him. He had been given an injection to stop it and would have been given one very three days. Not anymore, because he had busted through the bars. 

The guard looked at Janus as he busted through the bars. He didn't take a genius to know that to stay there was death. So the guard ran.

Janus jumped up and busted the ceiling and landed on the next floor. It was another cell room. Janus didn't have time to look at it so he ran out the door.


Kyuunshi, Seeker, and Badger had finally made their way to the Alpha and Nu camps. They walked into the desert. Instantly, they were transported to the camps. 

The camp was in ruins. They walked up to the guards at the entrance. They were tall and wore big-brimmed hats that covered their eyes.

"What happened here?" asked Kyuunshi.

The guard said nothing. The shadows of his face danced with green.

"He has the Virus!" cried Badger.

"Everyone here does!" yelled Seeker.

Kyuunshi looked the direction Seeker was looking. Hundreds of the zombified people were walking towards them. They walked perfectly normal though; the big give-away were the green eyes.


Kyuunshi got an overdose of plasma and fell to the ground. From the large groups of Virus-Infected people came alot more plasma. Seeker, Badger, and even the guard dropped dead. Alot of Zombies were killed too, when the zombies in the back shot too.




"What are you laughing at, Magus!?"

"Our time has expired."

"Suzekiu, Omega's men are here!"


"Bick. Bick, wake up." 

"I don't want to. Whoa! Who are you?"

"I am Magus."

"You don't look like him."

"I know, I am using someone else's body. You have to listen to me. I am in Omega's Tower, on the fourth floor, communicating with you through meditation. Soon Omega's men will kill me. I am slowly begining to lose sanity anyway. Either way, I won't be able to continue with this mission."

"You have been infected with the Virus. How do you know about me."

"I am your Uncle, you should know that."

"Teel never told you about me."

"My brother and I share our thoughts."

"You mean SHARED your thoughts."

"Yeah. Listen, get the sword, HakiSekiSaki, or Culex, or whatever the hell you call that thing, and find a man named BlackJack, he has your answers."

"Where can I find him?"

"You won't have too. He will be waiting for you after you find the sword."

"Why do I need the sword?"

"Because it can defeat Omega."

"What about Kujin?"

"BlackJack will get rid of him."

"Where is the sword, and what about Terra?"

"The sword is not far, Terra is your door to the sword. But he is expendable."

"What do you mean expendable?" asked Bick with hesitation.

"I am saying that sacrifices must be made, and if Terra must be, then do it."

"How do you know this?"

"I know everything; I have seen the future; I have seen the past; I conduct time, and I conduct you. I knew that Teel would die by my hands, and that you would live to become his and my successor. Don't ask anymore questions."

"As you wish Uncle of Light."

"Your father told you about that?"


"Oh no."


"Good bye."


Janus sprang to his feet from meditation. He knew Bick would listen to him. The infantry beast had found him. Janus ran out of the room and found himself on a bride connected to parts of the Tower. The infantry man followed. Janus called on thunder and lightning from the sky and it broke the bridge in two. The beast ran and jumped over the medium-sized hole. When it landed the bridge broke and the beast fell. Janus ran towards the other end, but the bridge was falling too fast and Janus plunged into the rocks and rumble below.


Magus snapped from his trance when Janus fell to his death and became a smear on the rocks below. Omega's men, seven of them, had broken the doors of the prison and were walking into Suzekiu's room.
Omega's soldiers were not very pretty. They were mutated humans with mouths and eyes in places that they shouldn't be. Slime dripped from these mouths and fell onto the semi-automatic pulse rifles that they held with their arthiritic hands.

They walked into Suzekiu's lab and fired their guns. Suzekiu fell against her lab table and her dress burned. She screamed and tried to put it out, but another round of fire left only her legs. They fell over. Magus stood up at the sound of the rifles, and as they walked into his room he tried his best to dodge the blasts, but seven guns all pointed at him was too much. After a few attempts to dodge, his head was removed from his body. 

Magus slumped to the ground. 

Mini and Shensi were hidden in the large refrigerator. They were found after a brief search and disintergrated. Next, Suzekiu's lab was demolished. The troopers than began to place bombs through out the entire prison.
The complex was blown sky-high when a trooper accidently set the bombs off before they were out. It took all seven of their lives made a new crater.


In the morning, Bick told Terra about Magus and their quest. Terra asked few questions because he was always up for an adventure. Bick made sure to leave out the part about Terra being expendable. And thus the real story begins.


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