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By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 1


        Magus watched the Good King Richard line up his troops on the top of the hill. He hid on the enemy front lines disguised as a member of Dragoon's army. He stood among the mindless zombies that would soon charge King Richard's army. After he was sure Dragoon's army would win, he shifted dimensions. He was now on the plains of the alternate reality closest to Slyn, the dimension he just came from.


            Here, there were no armies, there was no war. There was only eternal night. He had entered the dimension of Earth-Prime. This world had once prospered. The humans that were the dominent species before its destruction, had accomplished many great things. They had developed space flight and even built a space station. Until Zi came, everything was fine. But Zi usurped the planet with his puppets. He began to hunt down humans. And for each human sacrifice he made, the more powerful the Ark, the machine of Evil, became. When the Ark was powerful enough to cross dimensions, it wiped out the planet sending the surviving populace to their deaths.


            Nobody really knows what the Ark is. At least nobody in the dimensions Magus had visited. And that number was too large to count. The Ark had wiped out the planet in seconds. A great flash of light and the humans were reduced to dust. Only the animals survived. The new dominant species, calling themselves the Bracketts, had already developed astounding technology. They developed a substitute fo the sun, saving the Earth and its animals. Magus liked the Bracketts. Advanced and peaceful people.


        Trick was a Brackett. He was different than the rest of the Bracketts. He was a super-genius like Magus. He wore funky clothes and looked weird like Magus did. The Council thought he was dangerous so they had him tried. He was one of the first people to be tried. He was released when Magus showed up at the trial and promised to watch over him so he didn't turn out to be like the humans who made weapons of mass destruction.


        Magus did just that. He trained him. With that training it was revealed that Trick was a planeshifter like Magus was. Trick was shown the many different dimensions of the multiverse. Eventually Trick and Magus came back to Earth. The bracketts hardly recognized Trick. He now wore baggy white pants with an orange vest covering a purple-black short shirt worn over another white shirt that covered his arms. His face was still masked by colored paint. He wore white paint on the whole of his face. This includes his whole head; he had his little bit of hair drawn back tightly in a ponytail. He held a long golden staff in his right hand. Magus also held a staff. This one was a shiny black ore found only in the mining dimension of Glakk. Magus held it in his left hand.

        Magus looked the same minus the face paint and adding a dark violet robe that covered him.

        The Council was pleased with Trick. But their was a problem. There was an epidemic spreading of unknown origin. It had already infected many people. The source seemed to be coming from a spot atop Mount Beny. It looked like a busy day tommorow so Trick and Magus retired to their quarters.


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