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By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


    The Ultimate Virus had spread all over Earth. It had infected all but five groups of rebels. The survivors had hidden in different places around the world until they had finished creating a gate that connected their havens. Kujin had concentrated his attack on Earth.
    All gates to the other dimensions had been smashed. The last battle would be fought on Earth-Prime. If Kujin won, he could take over the Universes with the wave of a hand.
    Unfortunately, the Survivors' once great commander had been stripped of his command over the resistance. They had elected Jinn, a smart but foolish kid as their new leader.
    Magus watches helplessly from the Moon, his prison. If it weren't for him, the Magin, creatures infected with the Virus, wouldn't have discovered that the Survivors' base was in another dimension. 
    The end is here. 

Chapter 1

    Shensi walked into Magus' quarters. Magus sat on his knees facing a fire. Shadows played across his face. 
    Shensi went on when Magus did not respond.
    "The Falcon Army has fallen. The resistence is now down to three groups."
Magus shook his head silently.
    Shensi walked towards a chair and sat down.
    "Our supplies are almost gone," said Mini.
    Mini and Shensi we're sisters. They we not twins, Shensi was nineteen and Mini was two years younger, but they still looked somewhat alike. They both had purple hair, like Magus. Both had spooky green eyes and they were about the same height. They both wore a blue blousw and red pants.
    Mini walked over to Suzekui, her other sister. She was taller than her other sisters and her hair was a much darker purple. She also wore a white robe. Mini handed her sister a list of remaining supplies. 
Suzekui nodded and returned the list.


    Shensi, Mini, and Suzekui had one more sister. She lived on Earth helping the Survivors. Her name was Kyuunshi. She had short black hair and wore a brown and green tunic with a brown travelers cloak. She traveled with two humans that had been mutated by the nuclear radiation given off by the bombs, Delta/Mu/Omega, the person behind the Virus, had set off along time ago. The mutations' names were Badger and Seeker.
    Badger was big-boned and had giant hands and feet with claws so he could dig well. Seeker had a mouth full of sharp teeth and Evil-looking red glowing eyes. His sense of direction and smell, giving him the ability of tracking, gave him his name of Seeker. 
    The trio had been travelling along a path that was marked by stone slabs. The Beta, Psi, and Gamma groups had lost contact with the Nu and Alpha groups of Survivors. They had been sent to find out what happened.
    "Planes to the north," rasped Seeker. 
    "I'm on it," Badger. He raised his hands and jumped into the air. When he landed, his feet bad a little hole in the ground. He used his hands to make it wider to fit everyone. They began to hear the planes now so they quickly jumped into the hole. They watched the unmanned, Virus infected airplanes fly over head, not detecting the trio hidden in the earth. When Seeker said it was safe, they left the hole, covered it up, and went along their way.


    Bick had met Terra travelling through Cloud Ravine. Bick was a loner looking for HakiSekiSaki, a legendary sword. He bumped into Terra, another mutant. Bick bumped into him when he didn't realize Terra could camouflage his self to look like earth features. Terra said that is was okay and that he was looking for someone to be friends and travel with. Bick reluctantly agreed to let Terra travel with him. Bick explained what his goal was and Terra agreed that it sounded fun.
    Terra and Bick believed that fighting was useless against the Virus. Now all that was left to have fun while staying alive. This common shared idea was what made their life-lasting friendship.

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